Book Review: Brindavan Express by Mr V.Desikan (Post No. 3481)


Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 25 December 2016


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Brindavan Express by Mr V.Desikan


Santhanam Nagarajan


The book under review Brindavan Express written by Mr V Desikan is a fantastic book.


Mr Desikan belongs to Tamilnadu.


He has obtained his  degree in electronics from the Madras Institure of Technology and joined in Defence Research and Development organization at Bangalore. He is the recipient of ‘Scientist of the Year (1983) DRDO  award from the late Prime Minister of India Mrs Indira Gandhi


He has jotted down his thoughts systematically from time to time and like a sculptor creates his dream statue, has written down articles weaving his beautiful thoughts with a  humorous touch.


The book has 73 articles under twelve captions namely My roots, Emotions, Life is a game, My living town – Bangalore, Food, Music and Novels, Future Tense, Language, Growing old, Science and Engineering, What is in a name and Mixture.


One of his friends Mr RV Rajan induced him to publish these article in a book form.


The articles were published in a leading English daily Deccan Herald. His style is lucid.


Each and every article kindles readers thought process. His conclusions are compelling and convincing.


As a scientist he dreams towards a better future where every thing is perfect. He points out that the future lies in Nano technology.


There are  many quotations through out the book from great men like Rabindranath Tagore, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Shakespeare, G.K.Chesterton etc.


The book makes an interesting reading. He has


The book is neatly printed and can be obtained from leading book shops.


Some excerpts from the book:


About his Boss:


My boss Burman, a confirmed bachelor was in charge of system integration. He was a chain smoker.If he liked someone,he would call him an ‘idiot’ or ‘a fool’ –  I was one of his favorite idiots!


On seeing his dream vehicle,  the 40 feet long SANGAM:

I went towards my favorite SANGAM  and stood there for a long time. I looked at her and gently whispered (what Brutus told Cassius):

‘Forever and forever farewell, my dear

If we do meet again, why, we shall smile.

If not, why then this parting was well made.’


About Sundal :

If there be Chat Centres, fast food outlets all over our cities, why can’t someone open a ‘Sundal Center’?


About KDK (Kumbakonam Degree (Coffee) Kaapi :

Thank you KDK

You bring me joy in the morning

You bring me joy in the morning;


About the requirement of a positive newspaper :

I have a real problem on hand. All my life I have enjoyed sipping my morning coffee, reading the morning newspaper. I have recently discontinued my habit as it is no more a pleasant experience. Now I need a ‘Positive Newspaper’ badly.


I have a dream:

My idea of Next-gen city is that it should be

Totally green and with Zero pollution

With efficient and complete public transportation

With minimum private vehicles

Total Connectivity – Airports, roads, sea (where applicable)

Full Safety


I congratulate Mr Desikan for releasing this wonderful book. I strongly recommend this book for the book lovers.