Vidura, Christ and Valluvar

Vidura and Dhritarashtra from Wikipedia

Research paper written by London Swaminathan
Research article No.1388; Dated 3rd November 2014.

A person who has experienced the pain of injury would never do harm to others, because that person knows how painful it would be. This message was given to us by three great people in the history.

Dr Rajendra Prasad, first President of India, unveiled the portrait of Vidura, a great saint, philosopher and the statesman of Mahabharata period at Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh in 1960. He said that Vidura was the first saint in the world, who gave the message,

Na tath parasya sandhadyath pratikuulam yadatmana: 7-17
“Do not do unto others as you wish others not to do unto you – Vidura Niti


Vidura lived just before Kaliyuga which began in 3100 BCE. He always spoke truth. He warned about the evil designs of Duryodana when he planned to burn down the wax palace where Pandavas were staying. Vidura made a tunnel and left a boat for the Pandavas to escape. He even warned Dhritarashtra about his own son Duryodana. Dhritarashtra treated him like a brother. At the end he accompanied him, Gandhari and Kunti to the forest.

Mahabharata Santiparva 167-9 also repeats the same message in a positive way:

Tasmaad dharma praaadheenena bhavitavyam yataatmanaa
Tathaa cha sarvabhuutesu vartitavyam yathaatmani

Hence, by self control and by making right conduct (dharma) your main focus, treat others as you treat yourself.

Great men think alike. Jesus Christ and Valluvar gave the same message after 3000 years!
Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar in his Tirukkural (318) says

When a man has experienced pain caused by harm done to him, how can he cause pain to others?

Jesus Christ also said the same in the Bible,

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them (Matt.7,12)

Three great people living in three different ages gave the same message. But do we follow them? is the big question.