A Strange Story about Yama and his Wife Vijaya! (Post No.4259)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 30 September 2017


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Post No. 4259


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In the Bhavishya Purana the following legend of Yama’s marriage is found:-

Yama was exceedingly pleased with a girl named Vijaya, a Brahmin’s daughter. When she first saw him she was greatly alarmed, alike at his appearance and on learning who he was. At length he allayed her fears and he consented to marry him.


On her arrival at Yama’s city, her husband cautioned her and assured her all would be well if she never visited the southern portion of kingdom. After a while curiosity overpowered her, and thinking that a rival wife may live in the Southern region and that is why Yama asked her never to visit that area, she visited the forbidden region.


There she saw the torments of the wicked, and alas! amongst these she recognised her own mother. Greatly distressed she appealed to Yama to release her mother but Yama told her that was impossible unless someone living on earth perform a certain sacrifice, and transfer the act of the merit of the act to this poor woman then suffering. After some difficulty, a woman was found willing to perform the sacrifice, and Vijaya obtained her release.

Bhavishya Purana included this story to inculcate certain values:

  1. Even if it is your own relative and you are very close to the ruling class, God wont change the rules out of favouritism. But there is an escape route, an exit strategy. That is prayer, Yaga or Yajna.
  2. The Southern region is Yama’s region according to Sangam Tamil literature, Tamil Veda Tirukkural and all the Sanskrit books. This is very strange and unique Hindu concept. In other cultures, such as Egyptian the direction of sunset, West, is the direction where the departed souls go. Thousands of such Hindu concepts, rules, rituals are absent in Europe or other parts of the world. This explodes the myth of Aryan migration. Hindus were the sons of the soil. Sangam Tamil literature supports whatever said in the older Sanskrit literature. Thousands of words that were found in ancient languages can be traced back to Sanskrit or Tamil. That explodes the fake linguistic theories and fake classification of the languages. There is Dravidian family. There is only one family of Indian languages. Tamil branched out 2500 years ago and still Tamil and Sanskrit are the two closest languages.
  3. There are several interesting stories about Yama’s defeat at the hands of human beings in Hinduism, such the little boy Nachiketas, Markandeyan and chaste wife Savitri. This gives hope and positive thoughts to the Hindus. Yama-Vijaya story is ne another story in this category.

Every story in the Puranas has a moral to teach.