Indiahhhhhhh ———–the RICHEST country in the world! (Part 1)

-by S Swaminathan-

Why did Alexander invade India?
Why did Columbus set sail to discover India?
Why did Mohamed of Gazni invade Somnath 17 times?
Knowing that India was the richest country in the world they all set an eye on India. But what about today’s India? Is still India a rich country? My research shows that India is the RICHEST country in the world. Why then when I Google for the richest country, India did not find a place in the list of the rich countries?
That is because India has a lot of unaccounted hidden treasures; to name a few, the recent finding in Thiruvananthapuram temple and the gold reserve of Tirupati temple. There is already a talk of tunnels in Madurai, Thiruvarur and Srirangam temples with a lot of hidden treasures. Hidden treasures are not the only reason. Indians are notorious for their double accounts. Husband buys something for his wife and he wouldn’t give the real price to his wife thinking that she would tease him for overpaying for the product. Similarly, the wife has a secret hidden account to buy herself saris and jewellery. Further, the road side old woman who sells idli and vadai (food items) was never accountable to anyone. India has had a parallel economy for thousands of years, leave alone the Swiss bank accounts of our politicians and big businesses.
The following is the report of World Gold Council for the year 2011:
Ten largest gold reserves in the world
1. United States – 8,133.5 tonnes of gold
2. Germany – 3,401 tonnes
3. International Monetary Fund – 2,846.7 tonnes
4. Italy – 2,451.8 tonnes
5. France – 2,435 tonnes
6. China – 1,054 tonnes
7. Switzerland -1,040 tonnes
8. Russia – 775 tonnes
9. Japan – 765 tonnes
10. Netherlands – 615 tonnes
Total reserve of the world -160,000 tonnes
Governments and Banks – 30,500 tonnes
The punch is in the last line. Governments and the Central Banks hold only 30,500 tonnes. The rest is in the hands of people, institutions etc.
You may be surprised to know that Hindu temples hold more gold than the Reserve Bank of India. My research shows Hindu women probably have more gold than the Hindu temples and Reserve Bank of India put together!
Are you shocked? Don’t stop reading! I will surprise you more with what Malikaffur took from Madurai after plundering the temples and what Rajaraja Choza donated to the Big Temple in Thanjavur – all supported by inscriptions and epigraphs – in Part 2.
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