Tamil Astrology: Rope Trick for Predictions!

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Tamil Astrology: Rope Trick for Predictions!

Tamils have novel ways of predicting your future. They listen to lizards and predict what is going to happen. They watch the flight of birds and tell your future. They bring parrots to your door step and the parrot picks up a card to tell what is going to happen at your home, office or school next day! They look at the daily Panchang (almanac) and tell you whether you can travel towards north or south! I have already explained these things in my posts in CAN BIRDS PREDICT YOUR FUTURE? Etc.

Today’s article is about a Rope Trick. It is not a magic like the famous Indian Rope Trick by the magicians. Actually it is a thread trick. What they do is they use a thread to tell you what is going to happen. In Tamil they call it Kayiru Sarrip Parththal meaning using a thread to see (the future).

When you have an unsolvable problem you resort to this technique. I have heard from my friends from other faiths who do the same. When you have a problem and you want a decision from the god then they use this rope or thread prediction.

You hold a holy book in your hand and after deep prayer, you open any page and read what is in it. If there is a positive message then you take it as a YES to your question. If you read anything negative then it says a NO.


Achutha Kalappalar’s Strange Experience

Achutha Kalappalar was born in a Saiva Vellalar family in Thiru Pennadagam in Tamil Nadu,India. He had no issue. He was worried about the future because Hindu scriptures insist that you should have a son to avoid the hell called ‘Puth’. So he went to his Guru (Sanskrit word for teacher) Arul Nandhi Sivachariyar to seek his advice. He asked him to sit in his Puja room and took a thread and inserted in to the book of Thevara Hymns. Thevara hymns were sung by three great Tamil Saivaite saints between 7th and 9th centuries.

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Sivachariyar got  a verse when he opened the page where the thread (rope) was lying. That verse was about the god residing in Thiruven Kadu. It said clearly that those who bathe in the tank will get all including sons. Immediately Sivachariyar told Achutha Kalappalar that he would definitely have a child soon. When he went to Thiru Vena du as directed by his Guru he had a strange dream that he could not get a child in this birth. But he prayed intensely for a child and his prayers were answered in ten months.

Achutha Kalappalar named his new born child Suvethana Perumal.  Paranjothi Munivar who saw the child understtod that the chld was not a normal child and gave a new name Mey Kandar (truth Finder). He wrote the Sutras for the Saiva Siddhantam known as Sivangnana Bodham. Those 12 Sutras (short aphorisms) running to 40 lines are considered the authority for Saiva Siddhanta philosophy.

Tamil Reference: Thirugnana Sambandhar’s Thevaram Hymn referred above:

பேயடையா பிரிவெய்தும் பிள்ளையினோடுள்ள நினை

வாயினவே வரம் பெறுவ ரையுற வேண்டாவொன்றும்

வேயனதோ ளுமைபங்கன் வெண்காட்டு முக்குளநீர்

தோய்வினையா ரவர்தம்மைத் தோயாவாந் தீவினையே


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