‘Dravidians are Invaders’

dravidian girl

Pictures of women with Dravidian physical features (images are taken from other sites;thanks)


Veddahs of Sri Lanka

Dravidians are invders

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  1. Ramachandran Guruswamy Iyer

     /  December 27, 2013

    I have already read this article in VARNAM: PROTO DRAVIDIAN BY SRI SANKARAN NAIR. It is very sad that all Kerala historians are indulging in anti Namboodri and Tamil bias. The more one connects Africa with Dravidians the more suffering from anti Tamil bias. A dispassionate analyst will find only two alternatives:i) The entire sub continent was habitated by black Prakrit speaking people. That is why the Vedic practices are preserved in archaic form. The white VELIRS OF ELAMITE ORIGIN came through Gujarat coast for whom the Vedic practices are taught for which Grammar like Tolkappiam emerged. Just as Urdu emerged during Moghul Rule the combination of Elamite and Prakrit language resulted in Tamil. There is also another theory that Sanskrit emerged from Ethiopia. The East coast of Africa hosted numerous skiled tribes like Karmaras etc,. Named as Thvashta/Thaksha of Vedic hymns who always pray to Indra for protection. All Vedic Gods including Indira are black. This is possible since all the kings invading India converted as Indians.Alternatively ii) the entire South India would have been dominated by Tamil and the Kings of North would have been Tamilised. The physical features as depicted in Karur coins does not match current people of Tamilnadu. After the collapse of Chola empire the social structure in Tamilnadu vanished and the present population in Tamilnadu is due to new groups formed during Vijayanagar and large influx from Ceylon South East Asia and brought by European traders in West coast.

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