31 New Quotations from Valmiki Ramayana

rama rama

Good Thoughts Calendar (October 2014)
Post No. 1313; Date: 27th September 2014.
Compiled by London Swaminathan ©

31 New Quotations from Valmiki Ramayana (31 quotations from Valmiki Ramayana were posted already in Good Thoughts Calendar for the month of August on 30-7-14; and 20 more quotations posted on 5th august 2014.)

Important Dates: October 2 Sarasvati Puja, 3 Vijaya Dasami/Dasara, Deepavali 22nd in Tamil Nadu, 23rd in North India.
Auspicious Days: October 30; Full Moon day- 8; New Moon (Amavasya)-23; Ekadasi – 4, 19

October 1 Wednesday
It is impossible to gauge a person’s competence without giving him an assignment — (V.R. 6-17-54)
Rté niyógaat saamarthyam avaboddhhum na sakyaté

October 2 Thursday
The fear of death does not plague those who are steadfast in truth and righteousness– (V.R. 6-46-33)
Satya dharmaabhi raktaanaam naasti mrtyukrtam bhayam

October 3 Friday

Experts on the science of righteousness/ dharma aver that truth is the ultimate Dharma — (V.R. 2-14-3)
Aahu satyam hi paramam dharmam dharmavidó janaah

October 4 Saturday
Subtle and inscrutable principles govern the conduct of the noble — (V.R. 4-18-15)
Suukshmah paramadhurjnébyah sataam dharmah

October 5 Sunday
Who will not honour the man who treads the noble path ? — (V.R. 2-115-6)
Maaragam aaryam prapannasya naanumanyéta kah pumaan

raman kadal

October 6 Monday
Mere bragging does not make one noble — (V.R. 6-71-58)
Na katthanaat satpurusaa bhavanti

October 7 Tuesday
Fire does not scald fire — (V.R. 5-55-22)
Na agnir agnau pravartaté

October 8 Wednesday
Indeed, only a snake knows the moves of another — (V .R. 5-42-9)
Ahiréva hyahéh paadaavijaanaati na samsayah
(In Tamil – Paambin kaal Paambu ariyum)

October 9 Thursday
A woman’s youthfulness is short lived (V .R. 5-24-34)
Striinaam yauvanam adhruvam

October 10 Friday
For women, husbands are verily their gods — (V .R. 2-32-30)
Striinaam bhartaa devataa
Also Tamil Tirukkural 55


October 11 Saturday
When looking out for a woman, you will always find her in the midst of other women (V .R. 5-11-43)
Striyó hi strisu drsyanté sadaa samparimaargané

October 12 Sunday
It is not possible to find a lost maiden amidst a herd of deer (V.R. 5-11-44)
Na sakyam pramadaa nastaa mrugirsu na parimaargitum

October 13 Monday
The fairer of all the species ought not to be slain — (V .R. 2-78-21)
Avadhyaah sarvabhuutaanaam pramadaah
(Also in Tamil: Pen Endraal Peyum Irangum)

October 14 Tuesday
Will not the king reap the result of a well executed task? – (V.R. 7-53-26)
Sukrtasya kim kaaryasya phalam naavaiti paarthivah

October 15 Wednesday
Enthusiasm is at the root of all prosperity — (V.R. 5-12-11)
Anirvédah sriyó muulam


October 16 Thursday
One desirous of auspiciousness ought not to despise others — (V.R. 7-33-22)
Naavajnaa hi paré kaaryaa ya icchétcchréya aatmanah

October 17 Friday
The daring and gallant do not worry silly about death — (V.R. 6-120-7)
Vikraantascaapi suuraasca na mrtyum ganayanti ca

October 18 Saturday
The doer of good begets happiness and an evil doer begets sadness — (V.R. 6-114-26)
Subhakrcchubhamaapnóti paapakrt paapamanucyaté

October 19 Sunday
Be not contemptuous towards foes — (V.R. 6-59-4)
Naavajnaa ripavé kaaryaa

October 20 Monday
The mighty are seldom enraged — (V.R. 5-52-16)
Kópam na gaccanti hi sattvavantah

ramayan sculptue

October 21 Tuesday
In this world, money maniacs are loathed — (V.R. 2-21-58)
Dvésyó bhavat yarthaparó hi lóké

October 22 Wednesday
Where company with kinsmen, and where servitude to basemen? — (V.R. 6-87-14)
Kva ca svajanasamvaasah kva ca nicaparaasrayah

October 23 Thursday
Who will dare to sport with an enraged five-hooded serpent? — (V.R. 5-38-25)
Kah kridati saróséna pancavaktréna bhógina

October 24 Friday
Hurtful words, though well-meant, are harsh — (V .R. 6-36-3)
Hitabhuddhyaa yadahitam vacah parusamucyaté

October 25 Saturday
Do not be furious with your kinsmen — (V .R. 4-33-51)
Na caapi kópah svajané vidhéhya

rama under the rock

October 26 Sunday
Surely, creatures cannot overcome fate — (V.R. 5-37-4)
Vidhir núnam asamhaaryah praaninaam
Also in Tamil Tirukkural 380.

October 27 Monday
Fate indeed follows man with a compelling intent — (V.R. 4-56-4)
Vidhih kila naram lóké vidhaanénaanuvartaté

October 28 Tuesday
The meek alone are subdued — (V.R. 2-21-11)
Mrdurhi paribhuuyaté

October 29 Wednesday
The greedy see not false like those who relish putrefied food — (V.R. 2-66-6)
No lubhdó bhudyaté dóssankim paakamiva bhaksayam

October 30 Thursday
It is hard to render a kingdom impregnable —- V R 2-52-72
Raajyam hi duraaraksatmam matam

October 31 Friday
How can the once rich ever be subservient to the moneyed? —- V R 2-8-35
Samrddhaarthasya nastarrrthó jiivisyati katham vasé


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