30 Beautiful Quotations from the Yajur Veda! (Post No.3943)

30 Beautiful Quotations from the Yajur Veda! (Post No.3943)


Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 26 May 2017


Time uploaded in London: 8-44 am


Post No. 3943


Pictures are taken from various sources such as Face book, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.


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June 2017 ‘Good Thoughts’ Calendar


Festival/ Holidays: June 7-Vaikasi Visakam in Skanda Temples in Tamil Nadu, 9- Saint Kabir Jayanti, 25- Puri Rath Yatra,  26-Ramadan, 30- Ani Thirumanjanam (Uththiram) in Nataraja temples in Tamil Nadu

Auspicious days: June 1, 4, 14, 16, 19, 26, 28, 30.

Full Moon day -June 9, New Moon Day- 23, Ekadasi days -4, 20



June 1 Thursday

Verily the priests are angels – TS 1-7-3-2


June 2 Friday

Like a cucumber from its stem, may I be loosened from death, not from immortality -TS 1-8-6-9


June 3 Saturday

May I go along an unbroken web of life  TS 1-2-3-12


June 4 Sunday

People should not Enquire about the caste of a truly learned man – Kathaka Samhita/YV 30-1

It is also in Manu Niti and Purananuru of Tamil sanagam


June 5 Monday

This is your king, O Bharatas! Soma is the king of us, Brahmins – Yajur Veda/TS 1-8-10-2


June 6 Tuesday

The wife is half of a person’s self (husband) – TS 6-1-8-5


June 7 Wednesday

The gods said of these two (the Asvins), impure are they wandering among men, and physicians . Therfore a Brahmin should not practise medicine, for the physician is impure, unfit for sacrifice TS-6-4-9-1/2


June 8 Thursday

One should not give to one who sings- TS 6-1-7-2


June 9 Friday


A prince who has a Brahmin is superior to another prince- TS 6-1-10-3

It is also in Tiruk Kural: Minister is a must for a king; in those days only Brahmins were ministers


June 10 Saturday

Man is of a hundred years of age and of a hundred fold of strength; verily they find support in age and strength TS 7-9-5-2


June 11 Sunday

The minds of some creatures are set on energy, those of others are on rest; therefore, the active lords it over him who takes his ease -TS 6-2-1-7


June 12 Monday

He that has a cart and he that has a chariot are of guests the most honoured – 7-4-4-2



June 13 Tuesday

Gruel is the food of the Kshnatriya nobility, curd of the Vaisya and milk of the Brahmin. Manu was in the habit of taking a drink three times a day, the Asuras twice, the gods once -TS 6-2-5-3


June 14 Wednesday

Homage (Namah) to the gods. Svadha to the ancestors (pitrs) -TS 6-3-10-5


June 15 Thursday

At birth a Brahmin has three debts- that to the seers he pays back by being a pupil (i.e. by studying the Vedas), to the gods by offering sacrifices and to the fathers /ancestors by raising a family – 6-3-10-5

It is also in Purananuru and Tirukkural of Tamil Literature


June 16 Friday

Not by bread alone:

Viraaj dividing itself stayed among the Gods with the holy power (brahman) among the Asuras with food- TS 6-8-2-3


June 17 Saturday

Men do not give up even one worthy of death because the gods once gave shelter to Adityas, they were not betrayed to Rudra who was chasing them – TS 5-6-2-3 (mere pursuit of food was regarded unworthy)


June 18 Sunday

As I have created you by penance so seek ye offspring through penance TS. 7-1-5-2


June 19 Monday

He (the priest) muttering the yaajyaas is like one who has found rich treasure and hides it TS 1-5-2-3


June 20 Tuesday

What the gods could not win by sacrifice, that they won by the para grahas ( a particular serving of libation is called para graha)- TS 3-3-6-1


June 21 Wednesday

Taking the strength of the metres I shall bestow it upon you – TS 3-6-3-7/1


June 22 Thursday

With thy tusks the burglars

With thy teeth the robbers

With thy jaws the thieves, o blessed one (Agni)

Do thou chew the well-chewed TS 4-1-10-6


June 23 Friday


Let the God Savitr purify you with a whole sieve and with the sun’s rays win thee, O Lord of the path. As a chariot to win the prize we have yoked thee for the our prayer, O Pusan – TS 1-1-14-5


June 24 Saturday

This body which is mine is in you

That body which is yours is in me (oft repeated formula in Yajur Veda)


June 25 Sunday

Protect me when in want

Protect me when afflicted – TS 4-1-3-13


June 26 Monday

Agni with one syllable won speech;

The Asvins with two  syllables won expiration and inspiration

Vishnu with three….. Three worlds

Soma with for………….. the four footed cattle

Pusan with five……….. Pankti;

Prajapati with seventeen….. the seventeen-fold stoma TS


June 27 Tuesday

The Asuras drove the gods to the south,

the gods repelled them by the Upasaya post

All the other posts have victims

The Upasaya has none, its victim is the sacrifice … TS 6-6-4-3/4


June 28 Wednesday

Seven, O Agni, are your faggots

Seven tongues, seven sages, seven dear stations, seven hotr priests offer to you in seven different ways – TS15-3-8


June 29 Thursday

The swan seated in purity, the bright one seated in the atmosphere, the hotr seated in the firmament. Born of the waters, of the cows, of holy order, of the mountain, the great holy order- TS 1-8-15-12


June 30 Friday

The hotr mounts a swing; verily they mount back of the firmament, the adhvaryu mounts two mats, verily they reach the surface of the ruddy one. They raise loud noise…play on the lute….run a race…. beat the erath…..Two strive on a dry hide, one rivals, the other extols, girls dance aroud the Marjalya fire with water pots on their heads singing. This is honey (TS 7-5-8-5/9)-(Games and Sports during Vedic Era)








nataraja abishekam

Compiled by London swaminathan

Date: 25 November 2015

Post No. 2361

Time uploaded in London :– 16-51

( Thanks for the Pictures  ) 


Sanskrit Proverbs and sayings are taken from Suuktisudhaa, Publication of Chinmaya International Foundation.

Festival days: December 11- Poet Bharati’s Birth Day, 21 Vaikunda Ekadasi, 24- Miladi Nabhi, 25 Christmas, 26 Arudra Darsan.

Full moon – 25

New moon-11

Ekadasi: 7, 21 (Vaikunda Ekadasi)

Auspicious days: 6,7.




The words of a powerful orator are in vain if he is hazy about the task at hand – Sisupalavadha 2-27



Words loaded with meaning can achieve all sorts of wealth — Subhasitaratna khandamanjuusaaa



Though insignificant, words spoken at the right time are indeed valuable — Subhasita ratna bhaandaagaara 3-758



The one whose speech is brief yet bewitching is alone a true orator –Subhasita ratna bhaandaagaara 2-8



The voice of the crowd – be they true or false – can tarnish one’s glory- Sanskrit Proverb



Avoid unpleasant arguments. So what if one is wicked?




To the noble hearted, abuses are more astringent than arrows –Kahavatratnakar



Generally people are carried away by mere flowery eloquence Bharat Manjari 2-9-199



Sages maintain that the speech of the deluded and the arrogant are barbaric – Uttama Rama Carita



Soft speech is more cooling than even sandalwood and moonlight- Sanskrit Proverb



bharati photo (2)


Language identifies the region (desamaahyaati bhaasanam) Canakya Neeti 3-34


Of what use is the spoken after everything is put in black and white word? –Sisupalavadha 2-70



Competence and integrity are gleaned from the conversation – Hitopadesa 1-99 , SRB 3-452



Prosperity and downfall are writ on one’s tongue (jihvaayattau vrddhi vinaasau)—Sanskrit Proverb



Well-wishers should be wary of provocative language –Kahavatratnakar



Words – minimal and meaningful – constitute eloquence –Kahavatratnakar and Naidadiyacarita



Words once ejected from one’s mouth spread rapidly everywhere – Kahavatratnakar



Use your words, only where they are honoured – Pancatantra



Who indeed is wretched when the veritable Goddess of Speech resides on one’s tongue?  –Subhasita ratna bhaandaagaara  (SRB)2-15


Eloquence makes for excellence (Vaagmitaa sreyasii mataa)—Sanskrit Proverb



Who indeed can block the fluency of the eloquent? – Raja Tarangini 4-261



Who is not scorched by the painful hostility born of verbal duels? Katha Sarit Sagara



Embellished speech is the best ornament ever (Satatam Vaagbhuusanam bhuusanam) – Niti Sataka 16



It is considered that all ties originate in talks –Ragu Vamsa 2-58



Respect or disrespect is accorded according to one’s speech –Kahavatratnakar



Rare is that speech that appeals to one and all (sudurlabhaa sarva manoramaa girah)–  Kiratarjuniiya 14-5



Few syllabled pithy statements are supreme – Kahavatratnakar



Rare is speech which is both salutary and charming – Kiratarjuniiya 1-4



Engaging, effortless conversation is the best travel snack – Brhat katha manajari



Utter not words of melancholy (maa bruuhi diinam vacah)—Sanskrit Proverb



Honey is in the tongue of bad people, but their heart is full of poison – Hitopadesam







31 Indian Quotations on Mind!


Calendar of Golden Sayings, January 2015

Important Days:  Ekathasi Jan.1 (Vaikunda Ekathasi), 16, 30; Amavasya 20, Pournami- Jan.4

Festivals: Arudra Darsana 5; Bogi Festival 14; Pongal/Makara Sankaranti 15; Republic Day of India 26; Ratha saptami 26; Bhishmashtami 27.


Compiled by London Swaminathan

Post No.1523; Dated  27th December 2014.

31 Quotations on MIND (Manah) from Sanskrit and Tamil Literature

January 1 Thursday

If the intention is pure, everything is excellent — Kahaavatratnaakar, page 42

Ante varam cétsakalam varishtham

January 2 Friday

Difficult indeed to fathom the mind of another all at once — Valmiki Ramayana 6-17-60

Asakyam sahasaa bhaavó bóddhum parasya vai

January 3 Saturday

A still heart foretells impending misery or happiness —Malavikagnimitra-5 -p 161

Aagaami sukham duhkham vaa hrdayasamavasthaa kathayati

January 4 Sunday

Whose mind will be at ease after wilfully committing a heinous crime – Kathasaritsagara

Kasyaasvasiti cétó hi vihitasvairasaahasam


January 5 Monday

People who have done something wrong  are always disturbed – Tamil Proverb

Kutramulla Nenjé Kurukurukkum

January 6 Tuesday

The eye is the Mirror of Mind – Sanskrit Proverb

Cakshurhi manóbhaavamaavis karóti

Face is the Index of the Mind (English Proverb)

January 7 Wednesday

Alas! The minds of beings are fickle – Valmiki Ramayana 2-4-20

Calaa hi praaninaam matih

January 8 Thursday

The lotus stem high according to water depth; a man’s merit is the measure of his mental strength – Tirukkural couplet 595

January 9 Friday

All thought should be the thought of rising high though it fails; it is nature of success  — Tirukkural couplet 596

January 10 Saturday

Rare are those with insight into hearts (of others) – Kahaavatratnaakar  p.126

Cittanjaa durlabhaa lóké

January 11 Sunday

Indeed the mind itself is the divine eye Brhat Katha Manjari

Divyam hi nayanam manah

January 12 Monday

It is impossible even for the great to be continuously focussed Rajatarangini 8-234

Na citta vrttéraikagryam mahataamapi sarvadaa

January 13 Tuesday

A wounded heart seldom heals — Dhurtanartaka

Na róhati pariksatam hrdayam

January 14 Wednesday

The mind is not cleansed by water

Na vaarinaa sudhyati caantaraatmaa – Sanskrit saying


January 15 Thursday

“There is fuller’s earth for fulling clothes

And with ashes hides are cured

And gems are cut with diamond files

But to scour the mind there is naught – Tamil Poet Bharati

January 16 Friday

Though wounded with arrows, the elephant stands firm in his greatness; he who has spirit never loses heart when he fails — Tirukkural couplet 597

January 17 Saturday

Strong willed mental courage is manliness. Without it man is but wood (tree) in human form  — Tirukkural couplet 600

January 18 Sunday

A brave heart, Sweet speech, Good thoughts

Ripe fruit, Quick dividends, Dreams fulfilled

Wealth and happiness, and fame on earth

Om, Om, Om, Om– Tamil Poet Bharati

January 19 Monday

For humans, their own mind is the sacred authority in all actions – Bharatmanjari

Pramaanam hi manóvrttisarva kaaryésu dehinaam

January 20 Tuesday

If a man should utter a lie consciously, his own mind would torture him for the lie uttered – Tirukkural couplet 293

January 21 Wednesday

One who is true in thought and word is greater than even than those who perform penance (Thapas) and do charity  — Tirukkural couplet 295

January 22 Thursday

The human mind has a tenedency to do what is forfidden —  Kathasaritsagara

Praayó vaaritavaamaa hi pravrtti manasó nrnaam

January 23 Friday

Mind itself is the cause of of man’s bondage as well as liberation – Canakyaniti 2-11

Mana éva manushyaanaam kaaranam bandhamókasayóh

January 24 Saturday

The actions of the mind heed not the dictates of one’s will – Avimaraka

Manasca taavadamsmadichchayaa na pravartate


January 25 Sunday

Mind! Thy name is desire – Brhat Katha Manjari

Manasah svabhaavó hyabhitlaasitaa

January 26 Monday

Beauty strikes the pure at heart – Hanuman Nataka 14-s53

Manasi svahché ramyaanaam ramaniiyataa

January  27 Tuesday

A burn caused by fire may heal; but a scar caused by a fiery tongue will never heal — Tirukkural couplet 129

January 28 Wednesday

Mind intuits the association of even past lives! – Raghuvamsa 7-15

Manó hi janmaantara sangatijinam

January 29 Thursday

The ways of the mind are indeed strange –Kiratarjuniya 1-37

Vicitra rúpaah khalu  cittavrrttayah

January 30 Friday

When the mind turns pure, the world appears pure – Kahavatratnakar p.172

Svaanté púté jagatpútam

January 31 Saturday

Right judgements originate in sound minds — Subhasitaratnakhandamanjusa p 21

Svasthé cite budhdhayah sambhavanti

Sanskrit quotations are taken from  Suktisudha, Chinmaya International Foundation


31 New Quotations from Valmiki Ramayana

rama rama

Good Thoughts Calendar (October 2014)
Post No. 1313; Date: 27th September 2014.
Compiled by London Swaminathan ©

31 New Quotations from Valmiki Ramayana (31 quotations from Valmiki Ramayana were posted already in Good Thoughts Calendar for the month of August on 30-7-14; and 20 more quotations posted on 5th august 2014.)

Important Dates: October 2 Sarasvati Puja, 3 Vijaya Dasami/Dasara, Deepavali 22nd in Tamil Nadu, 23rd in North India.
Auspicious Days: October 30; Full Moon day- 8; New Moon (Amavasya)-23; Ekadasi – 4, 19

October 1 Wednesday
It is impossible to gauge a person’s competence without giving him an assignment — (V.R. 6-17-54)
Rté niyógaat saamarthyam avaboddhhum na sakyaté

October 2 Thursday
The fear of death does not plague those who are steadfast in truth and righteousness– (V.R. 6-46-33)
Satya dharmaabhi raktaanaam naasti mrtyukrtam bhayam

October 3 Friday

Experts on the science of righteousness/ dharma aver that truth is the ultimate Dharma — (V.R. 2-14-3)
Aahu satyam hi paramam dharmam dharmavidó janaah

October 4 Saturday
Subtle and inscrutable principles govern the conduct of the noble — (V.R. 4-18-15)
Suukshmah paramadhurjnébyah sataam dharmah

October 5 Sunday
Who will not honour the man who treads the noble path ? — (V.R. 2-115-6)
Maaragam aaryam prapannasya naanumanyéta kah pumaan

raman kadal

October 6 Monday
Mere bragging does not make one noble — (V.R. 6-71-58)
Na katthanaat satpurusaa bhavanti

October 7 Tuesday
Fire does not scald fire — (V.R. 5-55-22)
Na agnir agnau pravartaté

October 8 Wednesday
Indeed, only a snake knows the moves of another — (V .R. 5-42-9)
Ahiréva hyahéh paadaavijaanaati na samsayah
(In Tamil – Paambin kaal Paambu ariyum)

October 9 Thursday
A woman’s youthfulness is short lived (V .R. 5-24-34)
Striinaam yauvanam adhruvam

October 10 Friday
For women, husbands are verily their gods — (V .R. 2-32-30)
Striinaam bhartaa devataa
Also Tamil Tirukkural 55


October 11 Saturday
When looking out for a woman, you will always find her in the midst of other women (V .R. 5-11-43)
Striyó hi strisu drsyanté sadaa samparimaargané

October 12 Sunday
It is not possible to find a lost maiden amidst a herd of deer (V.R. 5-11-44)
Na sakyam pramadaa nastaa mrugirsu na parimaargitum

October 13 Monday
The fairer of all the species ought not to be slain — (V .R. 2-78-21)
Avadhyaah sarvabhuutaanaam pramadaah
(Also in Tamil: Pen Endraal Peyum Irangum)

October 14 Tuesday
Will not the king reap the result of a well executed task? – (V.R. 7-53-26)
Sukrtasya kim kaaryasya phalam naavaiti paarthivah

October 15 Wednesday
Enthusiasm is at the root of all prosperity — (V.R. 5-12-11)
Anirvédah sriyó muulam


October 16 Thursday
One desirous of auspiciousness ought not to despise others — (V.R. 7-33-22)
Naavajnaa hi paré kaaryaa ya icchétcchréya aatmanah

October 17 Friday
The daring and gallant do not worry silly about death — (V.R. 6-120-7)
Vikraantascaapi suuraasca na mrtyum ganayanti ca

October 18 Saturday
The doer of good begets happiness and an evil doer begets sadness — (V.R. 6-114-26)
Subhakrcchubhamaapnóti paapakrt paapamanucyaté

October 19 Sunday
Be not contemptuous towards foes — (V.R. 6-59-4)
Naavajnaa ripavé kaaryaa

October 20 Monday
The mighty are seldom enraged — (V.R. 5-52-16)
Kópam na gaccanti hi sattvavantah

ramayan sculptue

October 21 Tuesday
In this world, money maniacs are loathed — (V.R. 2-21-58)
Dvésyó bhavat yarthaparó hi lóké

October 22 Wednesday
Where company with kinsmen, and where servitude to basemen? — (V.R. 6-87-14)
Kva ca svajanasamvaasah kva ca nicaparaasrayah

October 23 Thursday
Who will dare to sport with an enraged five-hooded serpent? — (V.R. 5-38-25)
Kah kridati saróséna pancavaktréna bhógina

October 24 Friday
Hurtful words, though well-meant, are harsh — (V .R. 6-36-3)
Hitabhuddhyaa yadahitam vacah parusamucyaté

October 25 Saturday
Do not be furious with your kinsmen — (V .R. 4-33-51)
Na caapi kópah svajané vidhéhya

rama under the rock

October 26 Sunday
Surely, creatures cannot overcome fate — (V.R. 5-37-4)
Vidhir núnam asamhaaryah praaninaam
Also in Tamil Tirukkural 380.

October 27 Monday
Fate indeed follows man with a compelling intent — (V.R. 4-56-4)
Vidhih kila naram lóké vidhaanénaanuvartaté

October 28 Tuesday
The meek alone are subdued — (V.R. 2-21-11)
Mrdurhi paribhuuyaté

October 29 Wednesday
The greedy see not false like those who relish putrefied food — (V.R. 2-66-6)
No lubhdó bhudyaté dóssankim paakamiva bhaksayam

October 30 Thursday
It is hard to render a kingdom impregnable —- V R 2-52-72
Raajyam hi duraaraksatmam matam

October 31 Friday
How can the once rich ever be subservient to the moneyed? —- V R 2-8-35
Samrddhaarthasya nastarrrthó jiivisyati katham vasé


Pictures are used from various websites;thanks.
contact swami_48@yahoo.com

30 Sanskrit Quotes on Truth (Satyam)

yagnavalkya smriti

Good Thoughts Calendar 2014 (June)

Post No. 1068; Date: 27 May 2014
Prepared by London swaminathan (copyright)
30 important Sanskrit Quotes on TRUTH (Satyam) are given in this month’s calendar; Source for quotes: Suktisudha by Chinmaya International Foundation.

Important Dates: June 11 Wednesday- Vaikasi Visakam; Auspicious Days: 2,8,18,30. Full Moon day 13th June ; New Moon (Amavasya) 26th June; Ekadasi 9 & 23rd June.

June 1 Sunday
Truth alone triumphs, never falsehood! — Mundaka Upanishad 3-1-6
SatyamEva jayatE naanrtam.

June 2 Monday
Truthfulness supersedes a thousand horse sacrifices PadmaPurana 5–18-43,Hitopadesa 4-1-36
asvamEdha sahasraaddhi satayamEvaatirichyatE.

June 3 Tuesday
Experts on the science of righteousness aver that Truth is the ultimate Dharma- -Valmiki Ramayana 2-14-3
Aahu satyam hi paramam dharmam dharmavidO janaah.

June 4 Wednesday
It is not praiseworthy to adopt wrong means ever for accomplishing good ends – Jatakamala
Kaaryaarthamapi na srEyah saatyayaapanayh kramah.

June 5 Thursday
Truth alone does not confer the wealth of welfare – -Brhat Katha Manjari
kEvala satEna na bhavanti hitarriyah.

June 6 Friday
On can’t determine truth from falsehood sans enquiry — Kahavatratnakar.p 164
gavEsanaam vinaa naiva satyaa satya vininayah

June 7 Saturday
Righteousness flourishes with truth — Manu Smrti 8-83
Dharmah satyEna vardhatE.

June 8 Sunday
There is no merit in truth alone, for, it can wreak havoc – – Brhat Katha Manjari
Na punyam satyamaatrEna satyaannaasOsti kEvalaat.

June 9 Monday
Though difficult, the upright do not like to forsake truth – Jataka Mala
Na hi krcchrEpi santyaktum satyamicchanti saadhavah.

June 10 Tuesday
Those, whose lives are based on truth, remain immortal — Pancatantra 3-25
mrtrEpi naraah sarvE satyE trishanti tishtati.

June 11 Wednesday
Relating verbatim as to what occurred is the characteristic of Truth — Sushasitavali
Yathaa bhuuta pravaadittvame tat satyasya lakshanam.

June 12 Thursday
The actual truth evolves from constant discussion
vaadE vaadE jaayatE tattvabOdhah.

June 13 Friday
Who is capable of overpowering truth? — Katha Sarit Sagara
Satyam kascaativartatE.

June 14 Saturday
Truth excels pilgrimages, penance, charity, and sacrifices too — Ramayana Manjari 3-6-257
Satyam tirtatapO daanayajnEbhyOpi visisyatE.

June 15 Sunday
Utter the truth, yet utter it unpleasantly, and utter not an unpleasant truth Manu Smrti 4-138
Satayam bruuyaat priyam bruuyaanna bruuyaat satyamapriyam.

guru shishya.fb

June 16 Monday
Can there ever exist real water in a mirage? — Katha Sarit Sagara
Satyam bhavati kim jaatu jalam marumariicissu

June 17 Tuesday
That alone is truth which speaks the good of all, and not what is said as is! –Kahavat Ratnakar.p 383
Satyam bhutahitam prOktam na yatharthaabi bhasanam.

June 18 Wednesday
Tell the truth, practise Dharma – Taittiriya Upanishad
Satyam vada, dharmam cara.

June 19 Thursday
Truth is the treasure of the honourable — Ramayanamanjari 6-26-816 p.354
Satyam vitam hi maaninaam.

June 20 Friday
Those who deem their word as vow do not regret promises made —- Ramayanamanjari 1-17-744 p.61
Satyam satyapratinjaanaam naanutaapah pratisrutEh.

June 21 Saturday
Truth is the root of the Dharma tree with its thousand branches!
Bharata Manjari 1-25-1119 p.90
Satyam hi dharmavrkshasya muulam saakhaasahasrinah.

June 22 Sunday
Truth is the supreme Dharma
Satyam hi paramO dharmah.

June 23 Monday
The fear of death does not plague those who are steadfast in truth and righteousness — Valmiki Ramayana 6-46-33
Satya dharmaabiraktaanaam naasti mrtyukrtam bhayam.

June 24 Tuesday
Utter words anointed by truth — Manu Smrti 6-46
Satyapuutaam vadEdvaniim.

June 25 Wednesday
In Kaliyuga, the truthful suffer and the hypocritical flourish Kahavat Ratnakar
Satyavaktaa kalau dukhii mithyaavaadi pramOdatE.

June 26 Thursday
The celestials are truth bound– Brhat Katha Manjari
satyavaacO hi khEcharaah.

June 27 Friday
The dutiful truthful never suffer a debacle –Bharata Manjari 13-11-333 p566
Satyasiilaah svadharmasthaa labhantE na paraabhavam

June 28 Saturday
Those committed to truth find their wishes fulfilled –Brhat Katha Manjari
Satyasampannaah praapnuvanti samiihitam

June 29 Sunday
No fear for one who lives truth –Kahava Ratnakar p.208
(satyE naasty bhayam kvacit)

June 30 Monday
Everything is established in truth –Canakya Niti 2-28
Sarvam satyE prathistitam.