Story of Two Boys: Learning versus Realization!

bharat mata viveka

Article No.1968

Date: 2 July 2015

Written by London swaminathan

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“Those who talk about it has never seen it; those who has seen it never talk about it” – is a popular Tamil saying ( Kandavar Vindilar, Vindavar Kandilar).

“Doing Nothing is Happiness”  is a very famous saying of the great Tamil saint Arunagirinathar (Summaa iruppathe Sukam).

This is explained in the following story which is repated by various saints of India:-

A Brahmin once sent his two sons to a learned pundit to study the Vedas and Upanishads. Having completed their study after twelve years, they returned home. Their father asked one of them

:”Have you understood Brahman?” The boy said “Yes” and started quoting sloka after sloka from the scriptures to explain what Brahman was. Listening patiently to his son’s verbose exposition, the father told him, “Boy, you have not understood Brahman”.

He then asked his other son if he had understood what Brahman was. He did not give any answer, but kept quiet. Tha father asked him the same question twice, thrice and four times. Still the boy remained silent.

The father then said, “My boy, I am delighted to see that you have really understood Brahman”. This goes to show that by silence alone can one know the Truth. What you experience after your thoughts have completely ceased to flit about in mind, does not admit description because it is inexpressible.


Great Tamil saint Appar is in the picture

“Religion in India is not dogmatic. It is a rational synthesis which goes on gathering in  itself new conception as philosophy progresses.”

“External invasions and internal dissensions came very near crushing Indian civilization many times in its history. The Greek and the Scythian, the Persian and the Moghul, the French and the English have by turn attempted to suppress it, and yet it has its head held high”

– Dr S Radhakrishnan, Philosopher and Ex President of India.

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