ORIGIN OF PARIAHS (TAMIL Book from British Library, Year 1894)

IMG_6657 (2)

Article No. 2074

Written by London swaminathan

Date : 16  August  2015

Time uploaded in London :–  6-37 am

I have been publishing booklets that are over 100 years old in this blog for the benefit of future researchers. They are from the British Library, London. I have got one on Pariah caste and two booklets on Saurashtras (of Tamil Nadu). Here is the booklet on Origin of Pariahs in Tamil:–

IMG_3230 (2)

IMG_3231 (2)

IMG_3233 (2)

IMG_3234 (2)

IMG_3235 (2)

IMG_3236 (2)

IMG_3237 (2)

IMG_3238 (2)


IMG_3241 (2)

IMG_3240 (3)

IMG_3244 (2)


Published in 1894

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  1. Dear sir,
    It is very difficult to read even after enlarging. Is there a better way of sending this info? May be the museum personnel have a easier and better way.

  2. I am surprised to hear it. It is crystal clear in my computer. I see full page as I see it in the British Library. Some pages may be
    faded because they are over 100 year old.British Library’s scanned copy will be far better. But they are very expensive.
    I just use my I pad or I phone camera without spending a single penny.

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