The King and the Slave! Punctuality and Reliability!!


Article No. 2103

Written by London swaminathan
Date : 27 August  2015
Time uploaded in London :– 19-58

Here is a story on Punctuality, Loyalty and Reliability!

A king had a slave serving him with all faith and love. In fact the slave adored his master and was ever ready to please him in all manner of ways. The king appreciated his lovable nature and made him a minister in his court. He gradually raised him to the position of his Prime Minister. Seeing his rise to the biggest position under the king, the other ministers, who had served long in the state, becoming envious of the slave, grumbled and complained. All of them joined together and went to the king in deputation with the complaint. The king heard them patiently and said, “Exactly a week hence all ministers including the prime minister should meet me in the green rest house five miles away from the city, at four pm sharp. He who would meet me first would be considered to have real love and regard for me.

Soon after, he sent for the prime minister and, after telling him what he said to the ministers, asked him to build houses, camps and shamianas on both sides of the road that led to the distant garden where the ministers had to meet him as arranged. In the newly constructed camps and houses, all kinds of entertainment, shows etc. should be exhibited besides lines of shops and restaurants providing the most tempting foods and articles – the condition for meeting the king was all those who go to the garden house should do so on foot.

king 2

The day came. The prime minister along with the other ministers started on the journey. When they walked on the road leading to the place, except for the prime minister, all other ministers were tempted to see the shows, witness the entertainments, visit the restaurants, etc. as all these could be had without payment. They thought that there was plenty of time to reach the place where they were to meet the king. Leisurely, they went from one place of entertainment to the other. Time passed. The prime minister, without looking to the left or right walked straight to the garden where the meeting was fixed, reached there an hour before schedule. The other ministers reached the place half an hour late, or one hour late. Some of them failed to be there at all.

The next day, the king called all the ministers and addressed them thus,

“Now you all know why I made this slave (pointing to him) a prime minister. He is a man possessing sterling qualities for the high post. Ministers hung down their heads in shame and unanimously applauded the king for his choice of the PM.

So also, God’s devotees, when they possess genuine love and devotion for him, never think of anything or anybody other than God. They take the straight course that leads to him and are not drawn away by the attractions and temptations of worldly pleasures.

–Story as told by Swami Ramdas.

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