Qualities of a Doctor and a Quack!


Compiled  by London swaminathan

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Date: 17 October 2015

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1.Vaidya Gunah – Qualities of a Physician

Srute paryavadaatatvam Bahuso drstakarmataa

Daakshyam Saucam iti jneya vaidye Guna chatustayam

–Charaka (sutra) 9-6

Srute paryavadaatatvam =Excellence in Medical Knowledge

Bahuso drstakarmataa = Extensive Practical Experience

Daakshyam = Skill

Saucam = Cleanliness


2.Physician’s Approach to Patients

Vaidya Vrtti

Maitri kaarunyamaarteshu sakye pritirupekshanam

Prakrutistheshu butesu vaidyavrttischaturvidhaa

–Charaka (sutra) 9-26

Maitri = Friendship

Kaarunya = compassion

Priti = Pleasure

Upekshanam = Sympathy


3.Fake Doctors (not to be honoured)

Apuujya Vaidyaah

Kucela: karkasa: stabhdho graamani svayamaagata:

Pancha vaidyaa na puujyante Dhanvantrisamaa api

Even if he is equal to Dhnavantri, the God of Medicine, don’t honour the following five physicians:

Kucela =Untidily dressed

Karkasa = Rough

Stabdha = Stubborn

Graamani = Pervert

Svayamaagata = One who visits on his own (uninvited)


Tamil Wisdom on Doctors and Medicines

Great Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar in his Tirukkural (Chapter 95) says

A).Let a skilful Doctor who knows medicine,

study the patient,

the nature of the disease,

the season,

then treat him

B).Medical treatment implies fourfold elements:

Patient, Doctor, Medicine and the Nurse

C).Let disease be diagnosed and its cause and let remedy be applied comfortably

D).He will be afflicted with diseases who eats immoderately.


E).No medicine is needed for him who eats after knowing that what he has already eaten has been digested

F).If a man eats that which will not disagree with him, there will be no suffering for him.

G).As pleasure attends him who eats with studied moderation, so disease attends the glutton who eats ravenously.


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