One Hundred Quotations on Love, Affection and Kindness—Part 1 (Post No. 2418)

animal love, kurangu

Date: 23 December 2015

Post No. 2418

Time uploaded in London:- 17-14
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1).Affection cannot be confined by shutters; uncontrollable tears will roll down spontaneously, when one sees the sufferings and sorrows of the loved ones – Tirukkural 71


2).Love locks no cupboards.


3).Love laughs at locksmiths.


4).Those without affection in their hearts will keep all they have for themselves; the tender-hearted will even give away their bones- Tirukkural 72


5).A penny weight of love worth a pound of law.


6).There can be life only when the body has soul in it; even so, life without affection is no life at all – Tirukkural 73


7).I searched for my god,

My god I could not see

I looked for my soul

My soul eluded me

I sought out my neighbour

And in him found all three



8).Affection endows one with ardour, and that leads to admirable friendship- Tirukkural 74


9).Love is blind.


10).The realisation of heavenly bliss follows a happy and affectionate householder’s life – Tirukkural 75

b b day 2

11).All the world loves a lover.


12).The ignorant say that affection is appropriate only to righteousness; but it will also inspire heroism, to be rid of evil – Tirukkural 76


13).The life of those who have not traversed love’s way is frittered away – Khavatratnakar

Eesaam vrthaa janma gatam jagatyaam premno na panthaa avalokito yaih


14).Love is the quintessence of life; without it, a man is a frame of bones covered with skin – Tirukkural 80



15).If Jack in love, he is no judge of Jill’s beauty.


16).Love is without reason.


17).Love is lawless.


18).Affection blinds reason.



19).Even as the scorching sun dries up the boneless worm, righteousness will scorch life without affection – Tirukkural 77



20).One cannot love and be wise.


box cart

21).Lovers are madmen.


22).The dead tree on the desert  will not put forth leaves; even so life without love cannot flourish – Tirukkural 78


23).If a man’s heart is devoid of love, of what avail are the externals? – Tirukkural 79


24).Love increases, more so when beauty and virtue are coupled – Valmiki Ramayana 1-77-27

Gunaad ruupagunaaccaapi priitirbhuyuyo abhivardhate


25).The fetters of love are delightful – Brhatkatha manjari

Premabandho hi ramyataa


26).In the eyes of the lover, pock marks are dimples.


27).No love is foul, nor prison fair.


28).Love carried over from earlier births binds soon- Katha sarit sagar

Aasu badhnaati hi prema praagjanmaantarasa sambhavah



29).Faults are thick where love is thin.


30).Labour is light where love doeth pay.

anbe aruyire

31).Love makes one fit for any work.


32).Love is free.



33).It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all- Lord Tennyson 1809-92


34).Unbearable is the shattering of fervent love – Katha sarit sagar

Prakrstasya bhangah premnah susduhsahah


35).Love conquers all.


36).Love rules his kingdom without a sword.


37).Love makes all men equal.



38).Love and business teach eloquence.


39).Love makes a wit of the fool.

aadu kutty

40).Those swelling with joy of love do not relish food

— Brhatkatha manjari

Premaati harsa sampuurnaa naabhinandanti bhojanam


41).Love makes all hearts gentle.


42).Love will find a way.


43).The love of proud damsels attains greater heights after love fights – Bharata manjari

Prema pranayakopaante maaniiniinaam hi vardhate


44).Love will go through stone walls.


45).Love cannot be compelled.


46).A man has choice to begin love, but not to end it.


47).Love and a cough cannot be hid.


48).Myriad are the ways of love – Sanskrit saying

Premno hi naanaagatih



49).Old love will not be forgotten.



50).Old love does not rust.

aadu krishna

to be continued……………………………..


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