Better go to Heaven in rags than to Hell in embroidery! (Post No. 2495)

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Compiled by london swaminathan

Date: 31 January 2016


Post No. 2495


Time uploaded in London :–  15-06


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February 2016 Good Thoughts Calendar

Festivals in February:

8-Thai Amavasya and Chinese New Year, 22- Maasi Maham and Mahaa Maham held once in 12 years;14 Valentine Day and Ratha Saptami



Auspicious Days: 3,5,10, 12,17,19,26

Full Moon 22 Masi Makam, Maha Maham and Float Festival in several temples

New Moon 8 Thai Amavasya

Ekadasi Fasting Days: 4, 18


29 Golden Sayings on Religion are in this month’s calendar.

bhuvaeswari, mysore

February 1 Monday

A man without a religion is a horse without a bridle.

February 2 Tuesday

One may live without father or mother, but one cannot live without God.

February 3 Wednesday

Have God and have all.

February 4 Thursday

He loses nothing who keeps God for his friend.

February 5 Friday

The best way to travel is towards Heaven.


cave temple, HP

February 6 Saturday

Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry (Advice given by Oliver Cromwell to his troops while crossing a river)

February 7 Sunday

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition (First said by a Chaplain at Pearl Harbour in 1941)

February 8 Monday

The man of God is better for having his bows and arrows about him.

February 9 Tuesday

St. Luke was a saint and physician and yet he died.

February 10 Wednesday

Jest not with the religion or eye.



February 11 Thursday

King Harry robbed the church, and died a beggar (A reference to Henry VIII and the Reformation)

February 12 Friday

Better go to heaven in rags than to hell in embroidery.

February 13 Saturday

Heaven and hell are within the heart (Chinese proverb)

February 14 Sunday

He that will enter into Paradise must have a good key.

February 15 Monday

A man must go old to the court, and young to a cloister, that would go from thence to heaven.



cheranmadevi appan

February 16 Tuesday

Gold goes in at any gate except heaven’s.

February 17 Wednesday

Who fasts and does no other good, spares his bread and goes to hell

Poor men go to heaven as soon as rich.

February 18 Thursday

Hell is always open.

February 19 Friday

Danger makes men devout.

February 20 Saturday

Some are atheists only in fair weather.



February 21 Sunday

The porter calls upon God only when he is under the load (Arabic Proverb)

February 22 Monday

An atheist is one point beyond the devil.

February 23 Tuesday

A complete Christian must have the works of a Papist, the words of a Puritan, and the faith of a Protestant.

February 24 Wednesday

The Jews spend at Easter, the Moors at marriages, the Christians in suits (suits here refers to lawsuits)

February 25 Thursday

Henry the Eighth pulled down monks and their cells, Henry the Ninth should pull down bishops and their bells (A reference to the Reformation).



February 26 Friday

There is no rain – the Christians are the cause ( A popular proverb in ancient Rome)

February 27 Saturday

Clergymen’s sons always turn out badly.

February 28 Sunday

A Pope by voice, a king by birth, an emperor by force.

February 29 Monday

A short prayer penetrates the heaven. The fewer the words, the better the prayer.



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