‘Women are vainer than Men’ – Disproved!(Post No.2726)

pen by maruthi

Compiled by london swaminathan

Date: 15 April, 2016


Post No. 2726


Time uploaded in London :– 14-57

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Anecdotes about VANITY

It is not a Sin, it is a Mistake!

A young girl came to Father Healey of Dublin and confessed that she feared she had incurred the sin of vanity.

“What makes you think that?” asked Father Healey.

“Because very morning when I look into the mirror I think how beautiful I am.”

“Never fear, my girl, was the reassuring reply.

“That is not a sin, it is only a mistake.”




While D’Annunzio was living in France, a letter addressed to him simply with the words


“Italy’s Greatest Poet”

He declined to accept it, saying that he was not Italy’s greatest poet — he was the World’s Greatest Poet!




pen from face book

Who is vain? Man or woman?

Miss Frances Keller of the Women’s Municipal League of New York illustrated at a dinner party a point she wished to make in reply to a man who had said,

“Women are vainer than men.”

“Of course”, Miss Keller answered, “I admit that women are vain and men are not. There are a thousand proofs that this is so. Why, the necktie of the handsomest man in this room is even now up the back of his collar.”


There were six men present and each of them put his hand gently behind his neck!



City life and Village life

A young man, who had come to the city from a small rural community, had toiled diligently until at last he had attained some prominence in the banking world.

Belatedly he returned for a visit to his home town, half expecting that the greater part of the community would be marshalled out to meet him at the station, and that some considerable fuss would be made over the local boy who had made good.

To his disappointment, there was not a soul around when he alighted at the station platform. He waited doubtfully as several people came and went, none of them giving him so much as a glance.

At last he was recognised by an old baggage handler who shuffled forward and looked at him with some interest, “Hello, George!”, he said at last, “going away?”



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