31 Quotations About Brahmins: July 2016 Calendar (Post No.2926)

vedic brahmins

July, 2016 Good Thoughts Calendar

Compiled by london swaminathan


Date: 28 June 2016

Post No. 2926

Time uploaded in London :– 14-39

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31 Quotes on Brahmins


Festivals in July: 6 Ramzan (Ramadan), 10 Ani Tirumanjanam in Tamilnadu Temples, 19- Guru Puja, Vyasa Pournami, Chaturmasya Vrata begins


Auspicious Days: 6, 10, 11

Full Moon/Purnima-  19

New Moon/Amavasya-  4

Ekadasi Fasting Days: 15


vedagama exam

July 1 Friday

And a saint, a Brahmin, is pure from past sins; even if he had killed his father and mother, had murdered two noble kings, and had ravaged a whole kingdom and its people- Buddha in Dhammapada, 294


July 2 Saturday

But although a man may wear fine clothing, if he lives peacefully and is good, self-possessed, has faith and is pure; and if he does not hurt any living being, he is a holy Brahmin, a hermit of seclusion, a monk called a Bikshu – Buddha in Dhammapada 142


July 3 Sunday

Brahmins delight in feasts ‘Tusyanti bhojane vipraahaa’- Canakya Niti 6-18


July 4 Monday

Discontent Brahmins perish ‘Asantustaa dvijaa nastaahaa’- Canakya Niti 3-42


July 5 Tuesday

The fire is worshipful for the Brahmana and the Brahmana, most worshipful, among all castes – Canakya Niti 4-45


July 6 Wednesday

Fie upon the strength of the Kshatriyaas; Brahminic lustre is the real strength – Valmiki Ramayana 5-6-23 (Dhigbalam kshatriyabalam, brahmatejobalam balam)


July 7 Thursday

The ascetics are called Brahmins, because they are kind to all living beings – Tiruvalluvar in Tirukkural 30


July 8 Friday

The Brahmin who has forgotten his scriptures could read them up again; but if he neglects right conduct he will lose his birth right – Tiruvalluvar in Tirukkural 134


July 9 Saturday

Having accepted the Dakshina (sacrificial fee, the Brahmana deserts the Yajamana (performer of the sacrifice) – Canakya Niti 7-4


July 10 Sunday

The Brahmana, the knower of the Supreme, is mighty  – Canakya Niti 8-10 (Brahmano brahmavidbalii)

 brahmin vaishnava

July 11 Monday

The Brahmanas, well versed in the Vedas, are the very abode of fear, stubbornness and anger – Katha Sarit Sagaram


July 12 Tuesday

A Brahmana who travels is worshipped – Canakya Niti 6-43


July 13 Wednesday

The very birth of a Brahmin is the eternal physical form of religion; for he is born for the sake of religion and is fit to become one with the ultimate reality -Manu 1-98


July 14 Thursday

By the study of the Vedas, by vows, by offerings into fire, by acquiring the triple learning, by offering sacrifices, by sons, and by the great sacrifices and the other sacrifices  this (Brahmin’s)  body is made fit for ultimate reality (Manu 2-28)


July 15 Friday

Go beyond the stream, Brahmin, go with all your soul; leave desires behind, when you have crossed the stream of Samsara, you will reach the land of Nirvana- Buddha in Dhammapada , 383



July 16 Saturday

He who lives in contemplation, who is pure and in peace, who has done what was to be done, who is free from passions, him I call a Brahmin- Buddha in Dhammapada , 386


July 17 Sunday

By the day the sun shines, and by night shines the moon. The warrior shines in his armour, and the Brahmin priest in his meditation. But the Buddha shines by day and by night – in the brightness of his glory shines the man who is awake- Dhammapada , 387


July 18 Monday

One should never hurt a Brahmin; and a Brahmin should never return evil for evil; Alas for the man who hurts a Brahmin! Alas for the Brahmin who returns evil for evil — Dhammapada , 389


July 19 Tuesday

If the king of the high mountain (Himalayas), where live the twice born Brahmanas distinguishable by their matted locks of hair, undried garments, three stringed sacred threads on their chests, and the strength of their three sacrificial fires………… (Kaatcik Kaatai, Silappadikaram, Tamil epic)


July 20 Wednesday

The sweet fumes from the sacrificial fires offered by the Vedic Brahmanas deprived his (King Cheran Senguttuvan’s) garland of its lustrous colours. He then munted the nape of his proud war elephant-……(Kaalkot Kaatai, Silappadikaram, Tamil epic)

 brahmins vaishnavite

July 21 Thursday

Description of a Tamil Brahmin street:–

With sleek calves tied to their short pandal/thatched shed posts

Are the comely homes where the gods are worshipped, of those who treasure the Vedic lore. Cleansed with cow dung.

Nor dog  nor domestic fowl may enter there

Where the bent billed parrot learns the Vedic chant (Sangam Tamil literature, Perumpanatruppadai)


July 22 Friday

Chaste as the little star in the vast northern sky (Arundhati)

Is the dame of the house, with a lovely fore head

And bracelets on her arms. Should you tarry there

She will at sundown give you rice of six months growth

That bears a bird’s name (Raja annam=Raja Hmasa)

Well cooked with pomegranate sour, sliced

And fried in butter from the fragrant butter milk

Of the red cow, and the unripe fruit of the mango

 with powdered pepper variously pickled

And garnished with Karuvembu aromatic leaf

And much else you will relish (about Brahmin cooking 2000 years ago, Sangam Tamil literature, Perumpanatruppadai)


July 23 Saturday

He who hurts not with his thoughts, or words or deeds (Mano, Vak, Kaya), who keeps these three under control—him I call a Brahmin- Buddha in Dhammapada, 391


July 24 Sunday

A Brahmin becomes not a Brahmin by long hair or family of birth. The man in whom there is truth and holiness, he is in joy and he is a Brahmin- Buddha in Dhammapada, 393


July 25 Monday

I call not a man a Brahmin because he was born from a certain family or mother, for he may be proud, and he may be wealthy. The man who is free from possessions and free from desires – him I call a Brahmin- Buddha in Dhammapada, 396

 brahmins, mylai

July 26 Tuesday

Brahmins are respected for their Wisdom, Kshatriyas for their valour, Vaisyas for their wealth and Sudras for their old age—Sanskrit couplet


July 27 Wednesday

A Brahmin who cannot make a living should even glean ears of corn and gather single grains from any field whatsoever; gleaning is better than accepting gifts, and gathering is preferable even to that –(Manu 10-112)


July 28 Thursday

As the ultimate basis of the Vedas of the Brahmins and the Dharma of the wise men

Stands the straight sceptre of a just king – Tirukkural 543


July 29 Friday

By the Brahmin ideal what do I mean? I mean the ideal of brahminness in which worldliness is altogether absent and true wisdom is abundantly present – Swami Vivekanandar


July 30 Saturday

The plan in India is to make everybody Brahmin, the Brahmin being the ideal of humanity. We have only to raise them without bringing down anybody – Swami Vivekanandar


July 31 Sunday

He only is the Brahmin who has no secular employment. Secular employment is not for the Brahmin, but for the other castes. As Manu says, all these privileges and honours are given to the Brahmin because, “with him is the treasury of virtue.”



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