Temper Anecdotes (Post No.3385)

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 24 November 2016


Time uploaded in London: 10-31 AM


Post No.3385


Pictures are taken from various sources; they are representational only; thanks.





contact; swami_48@yahoo.com



Angry letter

Some officer had disobeyed or failed to comprehend an order. I believe I will sit down, said Secretary Stanton, and give that man a piece of mind

Do so, said Lincoln, write him now while you have it on your mind. Make it sharp. Cut him all up. Stanton did not need a second invitation. It was a bone crusher that he read to the president.

That is right, said Lincoln . Why, that is a good one.

Whom can I send it by? Mused Stanton.

Send it, replied Lincoln.

Why, don’t send it at all. Tear it up . You have freed your mind on the subject, and that is all that is necessary. Tear it up. You never want to send such letters. I never do.



Let us argue now!

Henderson, the actor, was seldom known to be in a passion. When at Oxford, he was one day debating with a fellow student, who, unable to keep his temper, threw a glass of wine in the actors face. Henderson took out his handkerchief, wiped his face, and coolly said,

That, sir, was a digression; now for the argument.




Lady Caroline Lamb

It being reported that Lady Caroline Lamb, had in a moment of passion, knocked down one of her pages with stool, the poet Moore to whom it was told by Lord Strangford, observed,

Oh ! Nothing is more natural for a literary lady than to double down a page.

I would rather, replied his Lordship, advise Lady Caroline to turn over a new leaf.




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