Amusing and Eccentric (Zanies) Anecdotes (Post No.3406)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 1st December 2016


Time uploaded in London: 8-34 AM


Post No.3406


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks. They are representational.





Riding on the subway during fairly a crowded hour a man was started to see sitting opposite him in the car a man reading his newspaper and paying no attention whatever to a pair of pigeons which were seated one on each of his shoulders. Many stations further on, when the crowd was thinned out somewhat, he could repress his curiosity no longer. Stepping across the aisle he accosted the man, saying

“I beg your pardon, but would you mind telling me what those pigeon s are doing on your shoulders?”

The man looked up from his newspaper and said,

“I don’t know. They got on at 14th street.”




Bottle Breaker

A man stepped briskly up to a swanky cocktail bar at the Waldorf in  New York and snapped at the barkeeper, Martini

He got the drink and the bartender was astounded to see him toss the contents over his left shoulder and then proceed to nibble off the rim of the glass. Having finished this crispy morsel he slapped down the remains and said,


Another was served and the performance was repeated.

Say, said the bartender, leaning over the bar,

Are you crazy?

No,said the man snappily, it’s simply that  I like only the rim of the glass.

But, said the bartender, the stem is the best part!




Lincoln’s Dream

Lincoln once dreamed he was in some great assembly, and the people drew back to let him pass, whereupon he heard some one day,

He is a common looking fellow

In his dream Lincoln turned to the man and said,

Friend, the Lord prefer s common looking people; that is the reason why he made so many of them.



Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion!

A simple youth coming to Rome from the country was observed to resemble Augustus so much that it was the subject of general conversations. The emperor ordered him to appear at court, and inquired of him if his mother had ever been in Rome.

No, answered the innocent youth, but my father has.





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