Uri Geller, the man who bent the spoon with his mental power!(Post No.3557)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 19 January 2017


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Post No.3557



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Santhanam Nagarajan



There is no limit for a man’s mental power. This was proved time and again by a young man of Israel. His name is Uri Geller. He is still alive.

It was in the year 1970, the famous scientist Andrija Henry Puharich heard about Uri Geller from an army officer of Israel. Puharich was not able to believe what he heard. How could a man bend a spoon just with his mental power. In order to investigate this, he was ready to go to Israel.

He went to Tel Aviv, Israel on August 17, 1971 and met Uri Geller. The wonderful scientific research on para normal abilities of a young man started there.

Uri Geller was all cooperative and extended his full support for all the scientific experiments.


Captain Edgar D. Mitchell, the astronaut who had completed the Apollo 14 mission to the moon was equally interested in scientific research of paranormal abilities of men. He also joined later with Puharich.

Mitchell was astonished by the feats of Uri and exclaimed at one point of time that everything Uri does is an earthshaking event.

A five week investigation was conducted in Stanford Research Institute and a film was taken portraying the experiments conducted with him.

In one of the experiments a target picture was shown on the left side of the laboratory notebook and Uri Geller’s response was on the right side.

He also located can filled with water, steel ball correctly. This type of experiments was repeated fifteen times and every time Geller was right.

Even though scientific skeptic like James Randi called him as a magician, he explained to the Time’s panel that he was not a magician and his telepathy and psychokinesis were real.

To prove his point, he offered himself for various tests and Puharich and Edgar Mitchell certified that his powers are real.

In the laboratory three spoon bending experiments were carried out. He was successful in all the three experiments. He could bend a steel spoon by his sheer look. He performed very many stage shows also in various countries.


Uri got this extraordinary power at the age of three and till this date he is maintaining this power. He also reveals secrets of the aliens.

Uri Geller was born on 2oth December 1946 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Geller lives now in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Puharich has written a book on Uri in which he has narrated all of his experiments with him.

God has created some psychics to show the various dimensions of the creation. And Uri Geller was one among those gifted men.

It is for our own benefit to know the mental powers that one could achieve, we must know more and more about such gifted personalities.

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