Why did Mother Earth Cry? Sangam Tamils and Valmiki explain! (Post No.3627)

Written by London swaminathan


Date: 11 FEBRUARY 2017


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Post No. 3627



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Sangam Tamil literature has got many poets with Sanskrit names such as Valmiki, Damodraran, Kesavan, Rudraksha, Kamakshi, Markanedyan etc. Most of the poems in Purananuru, oldest part of Sangam Tamil Literature, is full of Hindu themes, stories, similes, imageries, thoughts and views. In fact, there is no poem without one of these ideas. over 20 poets have Nagan as suffix in their names! This explodes the Aryan-Dravidian Racist theories.


There is a very interesting poem sung by Marakandeyanar (verse 365); when he was explaining the instability of the world, he said that the Mother Earth cried saying that she was like a courtesan; all the kings come and ‘enjoy’ her and go. one wouldn’t understand the meaning of this poem unless one reads Valamiki Ramayana.


The story of Mother Earth is in 36th Chapter of Bala Kanda in Ramayana:


Vishvamitra narrated the Story of Uma to Rama and Lakshmana. In the ancient times, Mahadeva married Uma and spent his time happily. But the Devas were worried that they had no issue for a long time. Devas wanted a powerful youth to get rid of the Asuras/demons. So they went to Shiva’s abode under the leadership of Brahma and told him their concern. Then Lord Shiva shed his semen which fell on earth. It covered the hills and forests. When the earth could bear no more, Devas asked the fire god Agni and Wind god Vayu to take it. They created a mountain called Shveta and a forest called Shara. Kartikeya was born from this Shara Vana (Vana= forest).


Though all the Devas were happy, Uma wan’t. Since she was bypassed in this matter she cursed Devas that they would remain childless. She cursed Mother Earth for accepting Shiva’s seeds, that she would never bear a son, but would have countless masters (Kings). This is the reason for Mother Earth’s crying.


Earth is considered Mother in Tamil and Sanskrit literature. Greeks borrowed this idea from the Hindus. The poet in the verse used other Puranic imageries such as Sun and Moon as eyes, sky as face, Diamond tool etc.







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  1. Yes, Mother Earth continues to cry. Now, almost all the kings have disappeared; the few that remain are just nominal Heads of State. But most govts, including the so called democratic governments wield enormous, unrestrained power. They are joined by scientists who are a law unto themselves and the industry-technology combine. The net result is that the earth is exploited in all possible imaginable and unimaginable ways!
    When the astronauts looked at earth from outer space, they saw not only how beautiful it was, but also how small ! The UN realised the danger to Mother Earth from the so called development mania . It organised a Conference on Environment at Stockholm in 1972, coordinated by Maurice Strong, Rene Dubos and Barbara Ward. Many scientists presented papers, but as usual, there was no consensus on most vital issues. Dubos and Ward later edited the papers and brought out a book: ” ONLY ONE EARTH : THE CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF A SMALL PLANET ” in 1972. It made chilling reading then. Now, 45 years down the line, it is even more chilling as most of the warnings given there have gone unheeded and all problems are even more acute and intensified.
    Mother Earth not only continues to cry, She continues to bleed, as most of humanity has forgotten that Earth is our common Mother.
    But now,Mother Earth is not alone. Some of us who think of her, cry with her, and for her, too!

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