Cabinet Ministers Anecdotes (Post No.3681)

Written by London swaminathan


Date: 1 March 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 19-57


Post No. 3681


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.




Twelve Apostles and Lincoln

When Attorney General Bates resigned in 1864, the Cabinet was left without a Southern member. A few days before the meeting of the Supreme Court, which then met in December, Mr Abraham Lincoln sent for Titian G Coffey , and said,

“My cabinet has shrunk up North, and I must find a Southern man . I suppose if the Twelve Apostles were to be chosen nowadays, the interests of locality would have to be heeded.”


How to control a Christian Preacher and Minister?

Lincoln received many complaints because of the stern dictatorial methods employed by the Secretary of War, Stanton. He finally silenced them by saying,

“We may have to treat Stanton as they are sometimes obliged to treat a Methodist minister I know out West . He gets wrought up to so high a pitch of excitement in his prayers and exhortations that they put bricks in his pockets to keep him down. But I guess we will let him jump awhile first.”

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Keep my wife out of it—Oz PM

When former prime minister Menzies of Australia was sworn into office, various representatives of the press were on hand to interview him. The reporter from the radical press said, somewhat bluntly,

“I suppose Mr Prime Minister, that you will consult the powerful interests that control you in choosing your cabinet?”


“Young man, snapped the Prime Minister, keep my wife’s name out of it”.




Mayor anecdote

A mayor of a city in southern Italy, in an address of welcome to King of Italy, said

“We welcome you in the name of five thousand inhabitants, three thousands of whom are in America.”


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