Nayan Tara Temple in Syria with Mysterious Foot Prints! (Post No.3799)

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Date: 8 APRIL 2017


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Post No. 3799


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.




The latest book on The Hittite Civilization has new information on Hittites Gods. They ruled Parts of modern Syria and Turkey.

The very name of the country SYRIA comes for the Sanskrit word Surya. Sun God worship is the most popular in ancient Syria. Hittites who ruled for 400 years between 1600 BCE and 1200 BCE spoke old form of Sanskrit (Indo-European) and worshipped Sun God (Surya).


I have identified at least three Hindu Gods in the pantheon.

 Lion from the temple (wikipedia picture)


My research shows they worshiped

(1).  Twelve Adityas (12 forms of Surya)

(2).Goddess Nayanatara (Ayn Dara in Hittite language)

(3).Varuna (Tarunhas)

Linguistics show that some time the initial letters are dropped (Nayn Dara= Ayn Dara) and initial letters are changed (T=V; tarunhas=Varuna)


The oldest religious book Rig Veda has all the three gods and goddesses.


Nayanatara= Ayn Dara

Nayan Tara means Star of the eyes (iris). It is a popular Hindu name for girls. Nayantara saghal, novelist, related to Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first prime minister) is one example. Nayan Tara got corrupted and became Ayn Dara in Syria. Hindus worship goddess in different forms. One of them is Eye of the Goddess; It is worshipped even now in the Naina Devi temple in Himachal Pradesh, India (Naina=Nayana=Eye)  . It is a very popular temple attracting thousands of devotees with EYE of the goddess as the main symbol. It is one of the 51 Shakti Kendras (51 Centres of Goddess Parvati).


Ayn Dara Temple near Aleppo in Syria

Ain Dara temple in Syria belongs to 1300 BCE. It is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It is similar to Solomon temple (Word Solomon is also Sanskrit word meaning Surya; Solar=Surya=Solomon=Sulaiman in Arabic).

Nayantara statues are available in Nepal.

As Hindus worship the same Goddess Durga with 51 different names in 51 Goddess temples on the Indian Sub Continent, Middle East people worshipped goddess as Ishtar, Ashtarte (to the Babylonians), Ashtoreth (to the Hebrews), Douga/Durga (in Tunis), Kathayee (in Carthage ) and several other names. If one reads the attributes of the gods, one wold find out that it is one and the same. (Douga and Carthage are place names – named after goddess).


In the Middle East there 3000 gods and goddesses like we find in Hinduism. For a Hindu, it is easy to understand. Same God Shiva is having 1000s of names around India and it is same with Lord Vishnu. Each one has got one special story in these places. For a layman, everything looks different. For a scholar, it is the same God with different names. It is same in the West Asia.

Nayana Devi (nainadevi) Temple in Himachal Pradesh.


There are some proofs to conclude that Ayn Dara was a Hindu temple.

1.Big Lion statues are excavated; lion is the vahana (mount) of Hindu Goddess Durga; even today all the temples take the goddess on lion statue during Hindu festivals in India.

  1. The second proof is the discovery of Massive Foot Prints in front of the temple. I have already explained the worship of foot prints and sandals in my two research articles (see below for the links).

3.One foot step goes into the temple; that is right foot; Hindus are supposed to put the right foot first into the house; newlywed Hindu brides must use her right foot when she comes into the house.

4.Hindus use Foot prints even today to show that god is coming into the house. All the Hindus draw the symbol of foot prints of Lord Krishna on the Birth day of Krishna (Janmashtami) from the gate up to the prayer room inside the house.

5.The whole region of Syria and Turkey were under Hindu rule for 1000 years under the Kassites, Hittites and Mitanni. The world has recognised Mitannian civilization as the Hindu Civilization because of the clay tablets showing Rig Vedic Gods and Sanskrit numbers and Sanskrit names Dasaratha (tushratta), Pratardhana, Sathya Sila =hattusa=hattusili

( Please read my article about Bogazkoy; it is available in all encyclopaedias.)

6.Hindu Girls were married to Egyptian Pharaohs (Please read Amarna letters, Dasaratha letters; Kikkuli’s horse manual;available in all encyclopaedias and in my articles)

7.Hindus have thousand names/Sahasranama for all the gods. Most famous are of Vishnu, Lalita and Shiva. Hittites also used the word THOUSAND GODS OF HATTI. Hittites were polytheists. (hatti=Hittite=Kshatri/ya).


Hittite religion is an amalgam of beliefs, cults and traditions drawn from different regions and cultures.

12 Adityas from Wikipedia; location Yazilikaya, Turkey


The main deity of the Hittite Kingdom was the Storm God TARHUNA. It is the Vedic God Varuna , changed as Taruna. He was considered king of all gods. He was a celestial God that brought storms and therefore thunder and lightning were his attributes. It looks similar to Vedic God INDRA. But even in India, when they need rains, they do Varuna Japa (Prayers to Varuna) and not to Indra. His consort was the Sun Goddess of Arinna. It is similar to Gayatri (Sun Goddess). Apart from these Gods, local and regional deities  joined the Hittite pantheon and new names and new stories were created.


Like Hindus, the Hittites considered the sun ,the moon and the stars as Gods. They believed in astrology, predictions and foecasts.


Dwadasa (12) Adityas at Yazilikaya

Dwadasa means Twelve; Aditya means Suns. The twelve Adityas represent 12 months of Sun’s orbit. They are Vedic deities. 12 Adityas were sculptured on huge rocks of Yazilikaya Rock Temple (Please see the picture).


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