Duelling Anecdotes (Post No.3902)

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 12 May 2017


Time uploaded in London: 17-45


Post No. 3902


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.


contact; swami_48@yahoo.com


On one occasion Lord Alvanley fought a duel with Morgan O Connell on Wimbledon common. It appears that several shots were fired without effect, and the seconds then interfered and put a stop to any further hostilities. When his hackney coach drove up to his door Alvanley gave the coach man a sovereign. Jarvey was profuse in his thanks and said

“It is a great deal for only having taken your lordship to Wimbledon”.

“No, my good man”, said Alvanley ,

“I give it to you, not for taking me, but for BRINGING ME BACK”.




When Professor Rudolf Virchano, famous German scientist, criticised Bismarck severely in his capacity as chancellor, Bismarck challenged him to a duel.

“Well, Well”, said the scientist to the Iron Chancellor’s seconds ,

As I am the challenged party , I suppose I have the choice of weapons. Here they are”. And he held up two large sausages which looked exactly alike.

“One of these, he continued, is infected with the deadly germs of trichinosis, the other is perfectly sound. Let his Excellency do me the honour to choose whichever he wishes, and eat it, I will eat the other

Within an hour the Iron Chancellor had decided to laugh the duel off.




Mirabeau, the French statesman received many challenges to duels. He always answered this way

Sir your favour is received, and your name is on my list, but I warn you that the list is long and that I give no preferences”.


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