Honeymoon Anecdotes (Post No.3980)

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 7 June 2017


Time uploaded in London- 19-o8


Post No. 3980


Pictures are taken from various sources such as Face book, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.


contact: swami_48@yahoo.com



When Cary Grant, the film actor, recently married Barbara Hutton, the couple did not depart for a wedding trip because it was necessary for Grant to report on the lot for the filming of “Once Upon a Honeymoon ”




Snake Charmer!

After a whirlwind court ship, the loving couple had eloped and married. After a few days of the honeymoon, the fact came out that the wife was a snake charmer. Slightly appalled, the husband said in a reproachful astonishment,

“How is that you never told me you were a snake charmer?”

Said his wife, “You never asked me”.




Honey! Oh Honey!!!


While on her honeymoon, the young bride had gone out alone one afternoon to make a few purchases. Coming back to the hotel where she had been accustomed to trustfully following her husband’s guidance, she got off the elevator at the wrong floor. She went down the corridor until she reached what she supposed to be the door of her room. Finding it locked and having no key with her she knocked upon it and called out softly,

“Honey, oh Honey”.

There was no response. After a while she knocked again calling somewhat more loudly,

“Honey, oh Honey”.

When this had occurred a number of times, a blatant male voice roared out from within, saying,

“Madame, this is not a beehive, it’s a bath room”.



Honey! Have you got the tickets?

Bridegrooms are known for their nervousness; but here is one who managed to retain his diplomacy in the midst of all the hurry and tension of the ceremony and the departure for the honeymoon trip.

Finally, seated in the car which was to take them to the railroad station, the bride asked if he had remembered the tickets,  he reached into his pockets and pulled out — one ticket. Hurriedly gathering his thoughts, remembering his flustered feelings when he had gone to purchase the tickets, he said,

“Dear me. Look only one ticket. You see, darling. I forgot all about myself.”





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