India, That is Bharat! Why do we call India, Bharat?

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 9 August 2017


Time uploaded in London- 18-08


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India’s true name is Bharat. It is in Mahabharat. Indian constitution also begins with the words, India, that is  Bharat……………….”

This country is named after the greatest of the Indian kings  Emperor Bharat.

“All those born in this land before Bharata

All those born after, are called after this name”

–Mahabharata 1-69-49


Kalidasa’s most popular drama Sakuntalam is about Dushyana, Sakuntala and their child Bharata. He is known as Sarva Damana – all tamer. He could play with wild animals. Greatest of the modern Tamil poets Bharatiyar sings that Bharata played with little lion cubs.

We are all sons of Bharatavarsa- the country of Bharata.

Kalidasa says,

“He will be a sovereign of the World. Know this too.

Crossing the oceans in a chariot gliding smooth

he shall conquer and rule unopposed

the rich Earth with her seven continents;

named All Tamer here, because he subdues all creatures

by his strength, the future will see his name

proclaimed Bharata; He who bears the world


There are very interesting details about Bharata in the Vedic Brahmana literature.

“Sage Dirgatama consecrated King Bharata, son of Dusmanta, who conquered the earth and performed 133 Asvamedha sacrifices.” – Aitareya Brahmana


The Aitareya Brahmana gives more details about the coronation ceremonies of other kings. The names of the kings consecrated along with their priests who anointed them are mentioned.


In Greece, Egypt and Babylonia all the old kings are listed in the history of those countries. But in India, British people began our history with Asoka in third century BCE! We must change it and begin our history from 4000 BCE.


The Kings who ruled India, that is Bharat, are :

King Janamejaya – Tura Kavaneya consecrated him

King Saaryaataa – Cyaavana Bhaargava consecrated him

Sataaniika Satraajita – Soma Suusmaa consecrated him


Amvassthya – Paravata consecrated him


Yudhaamsrausti  Augrasenya- Narada consecrated him


Visvakarmaa Bhauvana – Kasyapa consecrated him

Sudaas Paijavana – Vasistha consecrated him

Marutta Aviksita – Samvarta Angirasa consecrated him

Anga – Udamanya consecrated him


Very clear history is in the Vedic literature. We have to rewrite our history before it is too late.

Sage Udamaya ,son of Atri, anointed king Anga and the latter made a gift of

10,000 elephants

10,000 maid servants, decorated with gold ornaments

Ten million cows

87,000 white stallions to the sage.


Satapata Brahmana (12-9-3-1 and 13) gives historical details of Vedic Kings:

Dustaritu Paumsayana (Srnjaya King) boasts that he inherited the kingdom through ten continuous generations. Aitareya Brahmana also refers to Dasapurusam Rajyam.

This shows that one kingdom had at least 350 year history (10X35 years). Before him many other kings  might have ruled that area.


Tamil Sangam literature which came into existence 2000 years ago says that the number of kings ruled this land is equal to the sand particles (Innumerable, uncountable). Even before 2000 years they knew that Bharat had thousands and thousands of kings.


The history of Three Tamil Sangams (Tamil Academy) also give the number of kings who ruled the Tamil Land. If we put all these data together we will get a picture of ancient Bharat.


Asvamedha Yajna

Brahmana books give the list of all the kings who did Asvamedha Yajna:-

Satapata Brahmana (13-5-4) gives a long list of kings:

Indrota Daivaapa Saunaka did Asvameda for Janamejaya Parikshit

Bhimasena, Ugrasena, Srutasena in his line also did Asvameda. They may be brothers of Parikshit or separate kings

Kosala (Kausalya) King Para Aaanaara, son of King Aaatnaara

King Purukutsa of Iksvaku race

Ayoga King Marutta Aviksita

Pancal aKing Kraivya

Matsya King Dhvasaa Dvaitavana

Bharata Dauhsyanti

—–all performed Asvamedha.

Bharata did use 78 steeds on the banks of Yamuna and 55 steeds on the banks of Ganga.

In total he used 133 horses and covered the whole country and brought it under his rule. That is why we call this country (India)  Bharat.

There is one Gaathaa (laudatory verse) for every king who did Asvameda.

One laudatory verse says that King Bharata used 1000 horses and no one could beat him.

King Rsaba Yajnatura of Siviknas and  Sona Saatrasaaha of Pancala also performed horse sacrifice.

King Dhrtarastra’s white horse was captured by King Saataniika Saatraajita.


So much detail about the kings and their kingdoms were given in the Brahmana literature dated 1000 BCE.


This is foreigners’ date. We think that they are all Pre Puranic Kings. We have 150 generations in the Puranas under Chandra and Surya vamsas.


So Vedic kings must have ruled the vast North India from Yamuna to Sarasvati before 3100 (Kaliyua beginning) BCE.

We must rewrite Indian History and start our history from 4000 BCE.

Moses is not a historical figure. So far they haven’t found any historical material to confirm his existence. But three religions  stand upon his shoulders!!!

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