List of Tamil Kings who performed Yagas and Yajnas -Post No. 3086


Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 23  August 2016


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Post No.3086


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks for the pictures.


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Sangam Age Tamil kings were ardent Hindus who followed all the rituals prescribed in the scriptures. Thanks to the poets who sang the praise of Tamil kings we come to know the views prevailed 2000 years ago in Tamil Nadu. Aswamedha Yagam, Rajasuya Yanjam and Soma Yagam were performed during the Sangam Age by the Tamil Kings. Apart from the poems , copper plates from Sinnamanur, Dalavaipuram and Velvikkudi provide us lot of details.


Dr R Nagasamy, former Diretor of Archeaology, Tamil nadu Government and Former Vice Chancellor of Kancheepuram niversity has listed the Vedic rituals and Yajnas performed by the tamil Kings 2000 years ago. Kanchi Paramacharya has pointed out in one of his lectures that they have special words for many of the Vedic terms. This shows that the Tamils knew all thse things well before i1st century BCE.


Falcon/eagle shaped Vedic altar ; Choza King Karikalan did construct like this.


Words for Brahmins, Vedas, Dhanam, Yaga are alsready in Tamil in hundreds of verses. Kings also weighed themselves equal to gold or other things (Tula Bharam); they did Go Sahasram, Bahu swarnam etc.


Now let me give what Dr R Nagasamy, eminent historian and archaeologist say about the Yagas and Yagnas ( I am attempting a rough translation in English of his write up in Tamil):


“Kings did two types of sacrifices, one in the field of Dharma and the other in in the battle field. The ceremonial sacrifice in the battle field was done with the head of the enemy as oven, blood as boiling water for the cooking and the hands of the slained enemy as fuels sticks. Neduncheziayan who won the battle of Talai alangaanam did this according to Mankuti Kizaar and mankuti marudanaar.


Sathya Sai Baba who performed Athi Rudra  Maha Yajna

The other sacrifice done to propitiate the gods is done according to the scriptures. Same Nedunchezian did the fire sacrifice for the gods according to Mankuti Kizar (Puram.29)

Another Pandya Mudukudumi Peruvazuthi had the epithet ‘he who had done many yagas’ (Puram.15).


Karikal Peruvalathan did a yaga in the fire altar constructed in the shape of an eagle or falcon. He constructed the Yupa pillar as well. All his wives stood by his side (puram.224)


Perunarkilli who came in the same line of Karikala did Rajasuyam and he was called Perunarkilli who had done Rajasuyam.


Chera 9Kerala) kings also did not lag behind in performing Vedic yajnas.

Palyanai Selkezukuttuvan did ten sacrifices for Gauthaman (pathitrupathu).


Peruncheral Irumporai found out all the rules for observing the fast and finished the Yaga according to scriptures.


swathi homam, narasimhar, injimedu

picture  that looks like Narasimha.

Ilancheral Irumporai did Vedic yagas.


Seran Senguttuvan constructed the thatched shed for Vedic rituals in the coolest part of the capital city Vanji.


Forefathers of Athiyaman Anji, a chieftain, did fire sacrifices accordinto verses in the Sangam books. Velirs are supposed to have originated from the fire altar.

Among the later Pandyas, Arikesari Maravarman did the rituals off Hiranyagarbam, Tuabharam, Bahusuvarnam. Thermaran did these and Gosahasram as well.


Maravarman Rajasimhan alsodid the same according to inscriptions.

radha krishna in jwala

Picture of Radha, Krishna in fire.

Pallava kings did fire sacrifices according to scripture. Sivaskanda varman did Agnistomam, Asvamedham, Vajapeyam. Kumara Vishnu did Asvamedham.


All the Pallava Kings did Somayaga. There was noeception.

Among the later Choza kings, Parantakan and and Rajaraja did Tulabharam (weighing themselves against gold or grains or some valuables.)


Rajathi raja I did Asvamedha yagam according to his epigraphs. Later Vijyanagara Kings also followed suit”.


Source Book:–

Yaavarum Kelir (Tamil) by Dr R Nagasamy, Vasagar Vattam Publication, Chennai -17, year 1973


Spoons and ladles used in the fire cerwemonies




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