100 Wonders of Karnataka – Part 2 (Post No.4161)

Halebidu Sculptures

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 25 August 2017


Time uploaded in London- 16-07


Post No. 4161

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.


Bijapur district



Treasure house of Islamic architecture; a city of domes and minarets. Chalukyan rulers of kalyana founded this city called Vijayapura, corrupted as Bijapur. Adil shah dynasty ruled from here. There are 50 mosques, 20 Tombs and several palaces.

18.Gol Gumbaz: Its an astounding engineering feat built between 1626 and 1656 by Mohammed Adil Shah. The dome measures 44 meters in diameter. It has a circular whispering gallery, known for its amazing acoustics qualities. A faintest whisper will echo nine times!



Chamrajnagar District


It is a famous Tiger reserve. It adjoins Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and Wayanad Sancturay in Kerala. Famous for pythons,tigers, elephants, leopard, panther and crocodiles. several types of birds are also seen here.


famous for trekking and adventure sports. It has hill top temples. Billigiri Rangana Temple dedicated to Vishnu is famous. 2000 year old giant tree Dodda sampige Mara is a natural wonder.

Chikamagaluru District


Ishwara Temple here has a 4 ft high statue of Jademuni and a Yupa Stambha supposed to be installed by Janamejaya during the Serpent sacrifice.


Baba Budan Giri peak named after a Muslim saint is one of the highest peaks. Dattatreya Peetha here is another example of communal harmony. A laterite cave here is held sacred as it is believed to that Dattatreya Swami and Hazarat Dada mir Khalander stayed here.



two water falls – Kalahasti and Hebbe are popular picnic spots. This hill station is known as KR hills and a peak of 4732 ft.


It means Horse Head. It has iron rich deposits. With 6250 ft peaks it has scenic splendour.


Famous Hindu pilgrim centre on the banks of River Tungabadra. Adi Shankara founded a Mutt here. The 12th century Sharadamba temple is a holy place. The 12 zodiac pillars in the mantapa are noteworthy, these are placed perfectly so that the sun rays fall on each of them, in the order of the solar months.

Chitradurga District



Since this historical town has a landscape with different sized, different shaped rocks ir is known as Stone Fort (kalline Kotte). Chitradura is actually Chitra Kal Durga – umbrella shaped lofty hill. Ancient temples, Forts of Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan and Palegars are here. Hidimbeswara temple and many other temples are situated here.

Dakshin Kannada


Important sea port, exporting coffee and cashewnuts, place of ship building industry. Ullal, Panambul and Sutrakal are other beaches with scenic spots.



Durga Parameswari temple is famous.



Manjunaha Temple has Vaishnavite priests and a Jain trustee 14-metre-tall Gomateswara is another attraction

Ancient shrine of Lord Subramanya


This is known as Varanasi of Jains with 18 bastis. Of them the Chandranatha basti has 1000 pillars built in 1429. Jain temples have exquisite sculptures.

Davanagare District



Famous for textile mills; a commercial, educational and industrial town.


On the bank of Tungabadra river. Since the demon Gulhasura got a boon not to be killed by either Shiva or Vishnu, both f them went in the form of Harihara and killed the demon.

Harihara image (half Shiva, Half Vishnu) is here in the Harihara temple


Gadag District


Gadag has a famous temple of Viranarayana built by the Hoysala King vishnuvardhan.


Relics of old temples are in this town Image of God Surya (Sun) is here.

Kalburgi (Gulbarga) District


First capital of Bahmani sultans. Hindu King Raja Gulchand’s fort has been converted into a Muslim fort. Magnificent mosque Jami Masjid was built by a North African Moorish architect. It resembles Spanish Mosque of Cordoba. This town has a library in the Dargah with rare Urdu, Persian and Arabic books.

Hassan District


Hasanamba temple’s presiding deity is represented only by an ant hill. It is open only for a week every year.


Hoysala sculptures are in famous Chennakesa va temple. They are 800 year old. 65 elephants on the frieze are carved beautifully and each one is different! Volouptuous beauties known as Mandakinis are also found in the brackets.


Ancient capital of the Hoysalas was founded in the 11th Century. It was ravaged by the Muslim invaders. Hoysaleswara temple was fortunate enough to survive the attack. Thousands of sculptures are on the walls of the temple. It is a great architectural wonder.



Important Jain Pilgrim centre with a 57 ft high monolith of Gomateswara (bahubali). It is on top of the Vindhyagiri This 1000 year old monolith is one of the largest monoliths in the world. Every 12 yeas millions of devotees to see the Mahamastakabisheka

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