179 ‘Victims’ in Hindu Human Sacrifice – Purushamedham- Part 2 (Post No.4265)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 2 October 2017


Time uploaded in London-16-46


Post No. 4265

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



First part was posted yesterday. Here is the second part


41.To the Gods of rivers, a fisherman

42.To the regents of lonely place, A Naishada

43.To the god who claims to be the noblest of males, an excessively vain man

44.To the gods of Heroes, an insane man

45.To the Gandharvas and their wives, one who has not been duly purified by the initiatory rites, A Vratya


46.To the regents of snakes, and snake charmers, one unfit for the initiatory rites

47.To the guardian gods, a gambler

48.To Iryata, the goddess of food, one who abstains from gambling

49.To the Pichasas, a basket maker

  1. To the Yatudhanas, one who puts up a thorny edge.


51.To those gods who frustrate undertakings, a hunchback

52.To Pramada, divinity of excessive joy, a dwarf

  1. To those goddesses who are guardians of gates, a diseased person.

54.To the presiding divinity of dreams, a blind man

55.To the divinity of sin, a deaf man

56.To the divinity of sense, one who wins her husband’s affection through charms or filters


57.To the divinity of profuse talk, a bore

58.To the goddess who is little conversant with Vedas, a sceptic

59.To her who is conversant with them, one who is proficient in questioning.

60.To her who presides over the purport of the Sastras, one who is able to meet arguments.


  1. To one who prides in killing heroes, a tattler

63.To one who presides on gains, a charioteer

64.To the divinity who protects Royal treasuries, a treasurer or revenue collector

  1. To the mighty, servant

66.To the majestic, an officer or assistant

  1. To the dear one, a sweet speaker

68.To the uninjurious, a cavalier

  1. To the intelligent, or him who is proficient in a knowledge of religious rites, a washer-woman

70.To the most loving, a female dyer

71.To the refulgent, a collector of fuel

72.To the highly refulgent, a fire man or a lighter of fires

73.To him who dwells on the top of heaven, one who officiates at a coronation

74.To the regent of the region of sun, a polisher of metal pots

75.To him who prides himself on being of the Devas, one who causes enmity

76.To him who resides in the region of the mortals, one who foments quarrels among those who are in peace.

77.To whom who belongs to all regions, a peacemaker

  1. To him who presides over death by penance, one who meddles in quarrels

79.To him who prides himself on being of heaven(svarga), one who collects the dues of a king from his subjects

80.To the most aged of heaven, a tableservant.

81.To the wavy mover, an elephant keeper or a mahout

82.To the swift, a groom

83.To the robust, a cowherd

84.To the vigorous, a goatherd

85.To the energetic, a shepherd

  1. To the divinity of food, a ploughman

87.To that of water, a distiller or a vintner

88.To that of welfare, householder

89.To that of prosperity, an owner of wealth

90.To him who is the immediate cause of all things, the servant of a charioteer or an assistant charioteer.


My comments: Another 90 are yet to come. Even the first ninety people are enough to show, the Purushamedham was only symbolic. Even a cursory reading of the list will show that it did not happen anywhere. What they are trying to show is  that the people were all just limbs of one common body.


The list shoos that the Vedic Hindus were highly skilled and talk even about coronation. There was a monarchy to whom people were paying taxes. All these happened around 1000 BCE even according to the jaundice eyed foreign “scholars”!

to be continued………………….




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