The Man Who ‘Discovered’ Yosemite! (Post No.4628)

Picture of Yosemite in U S A

Compiled by London Swaminathan 


Date: 17 JANUARY 2018


Time uploaded in London  8-12 am




Post No. 4628

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.







Travel Anecdotes



One day in Yosemite valley, a traveller was told that there was an old man in the office of the hotel who in 1851 had been one of the company that had discovered the Yosemite. Eagerly he seized the opportunity of finding out what it was like to be the first of civilised men to behold one of natures most marvellous works. It must have been wonderful, he said, to have the valley burst suddenly upon you.


The old man spat over the edge of the veranda and looked reflective for a moment.

Well, he said, I will tell ye. If I ‘d ha’ knowed it was going to be so famous I ‘d ha’ looked at it.





A tourist journeyed by camel to see the great pyramids. He was swept away by the beauty of the desert night and the work a day world seemed to fade away from his remembrance. After absorbing all the glamour of the experience and desiring to preserve every detail of the dream like world in which he found himself, he remounted his steed, at the same time asking his Arab guide,

What is the name of my camel?

Greta Garbo, replied the guide.


Greta Garbo was a famous actress and she said,”I never said, ‘I want to be alone.’ I only said, ‘I want to be left alone.’ There is all the difference.”

Garbo also means Dustman






There’s the story of a Harvard man who spent some days in Egypt, and enjoyed during that time the services of a French speaking native guide and courier.

As they parted the guide requested

Sire teach me words of English with which I may attract your country men.

The Harvard man did so.

Some time later he returned to Egypt, looked up his guide, and said,

How did you make out with the English I taught you?

“Sire, said the guide, “some there were who smiled and came with me, others there were who were angered and turned away”.

The phrase he had been taught was

“To Hell with Yale!”


(Harvard and Yale are two different universities in Harvard and Yale)



How to go to Canada?



In the days of underground Railway many Southern Negroes conceived of Canada, the ultimate objective of most runaway slaves, as a kind of free paradise. Old Uncle Jake had the notion that he would like to get there. He asked a friend how one might get to Canada, and was told that if he were to travel far enough all the way up the length of Missisipi he could get there.


The old Negro had no geographic sense, but he had a considerable desire for liberty. Sneaking off early one morning, he took his battered row boat and headed upstream, rowing as vigorously and intently as he could. The current was swift and the old man, working feverishly without looking to the right or left, barely held his own and, by the end of the day, actually lost some six or twelve feet of distance. At this time he was aroused from his intense concentration by an acquaintance who hailed him from the shore,

What you doin’ out there in that boat, Jake?

Fo’de Lord’s sake, exclaimed Jake.

Who on earth knows me way up here in Canada!




To Boston!

The poet John Godfrey Saxe, had his bag packed for a trip when a friend encountered him and asked,

Where are you going?

To Boston, Deo volente

What route is that?, his acquaintance asked.

By way of Providence, of course, replies Saxe.

(Deo volente means God willing , or if nothing prevents it)




Names are Misleading!

Texas is a big state. Easterners go far into the Middle West as Chicago have a lot to learn about it. An instance is the Chicago firm that sent a wire to its travelling representative in El Paso, saying that as long as he was in Texas anyway, he might as well clear up a little affair in Texarkana.

The salesman wired back, “Be cheaper, send a man from Chicago. Closer than I am.”

Astonished, his home office checked with the map and sent out a man from Chicago.

(Distance between Texarkana and Chicago-  792 miles; distance between Texarkana and El Paso- 813 miles)

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  1. aveeshkumar

     /  January 17, 2018

    Nice ones. I couldnt help notice that Deo volente is latin and Deo is from Deva or is Deva from Deo? Would love to know your thoughts

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