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Chanakya says some strange things about the Brahmins and the End of Kali Yuga


Chanakya says in his Chanakya Niti Sastra,

“Lakshmi’s words to Vishnu: O Lord, in disgust I avoid always the house of the Brahmins because the angry one (Agastya) drank my father (ocean), the sage Bhrgu hit with his foot my husband (Vishnu), right from childhood Brahmins carry my adversary (Sarasvati) in the cavity of their mouth, day and day out destroy my house (the lotus) for offering worship to Siva.”


Chapter 15, sloka 16


This sloka reveals two things:

1.There is a proverb in Tamil, Where is money (Panam), there is no Virtue (Gunam). In other words Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth never resides where there is Sarasvati, Goddess of Education. This is very true in Indian context. Most of the poets lived in acute poverty. Bharati, the greatest of the modern Tamil poets, suffered from poverty till his death. So the message is that Money and virtue don’t go together.


2.The second thing is a compliment to Brahmins, not a complaint against the Brahmins. Sarasvati lives in their tongues from their early childhood. This means they are well versed in the Vedas. Vak Devi and Sarasvati are praised in the Rig Veda, the oldest religious book in the world. And the Brahmins used the lotus flower for Siva Puja (flower offering to Lord Siva)

Fame comes from Luck!


In another sloka, Chanakya praises Lord Vishnu indirectly.

“A small hillock on the earth was held by you on a finger with ease. Because of this your praise is sung under the name of Govardhana both in the heaven and the earth.

Yasoda’s remark “I cary you, O Kesava,  the carrier of all the worlds, on the tips of my breasts. (Still nobody sings my praises), O Kesava, enough of words. Fame comes from luck”

Chanakya Niti, Chapter 15, sloka 19.


These are called Nindha Stutis. That is you criticise someone in words explicitly, but the real implicit meaning is that you praise him or her. You have to read between the lines.


Chanakya’s Strange Prediction

Chanakya, the greatest genius of ancient India, made a strange prediction in one of the slokas:-


“Hari leaves the earth with the passage of ten thousand years in Kali Yuga, in the half of that period does the Ganga water and in the half of that village deity”.


It is very strange that the village deity disappears first, then the River Ganges disappears and then only God leaves the earth. So we may measure  the progress of Kaliyuga  by the Ganges.

The sloka is as follows:

Kalau dasa shasreshu Harisyajati medhiniim

tadardhe jahnaviitoyam tadardhe gramadevataa

Chapter 11, sloka 4

We have already passed 5000 year limit In Kaliyuga. But Ganga is still flowing but not with its original pristine purity. So Chanakya might have mentioned Deva year and not the human year.


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  1. This article raises some interesting and serious points.
    1.As for Lakshmi not liking Brahmins, we may take it as the non-concern of the really wise for the wealth of the world. May be people are born that way. This is what Tiruvalluvar seems to imply in Kural 374:

    இருவேறு உலகத்தியற்கை திருவேறு
    தெள்ளியர் ஆதலும் வேறு.

    “The world falleth into two categories that are mutually exclusive: for success in life is one thing and saintliness quite another “. [V.V.S.Aiyar translation]
    2. As for disappearance of village deities, it is already happening on a large scale.
    As cities and towns expand and turn into huge conurbations, the original villages lose their identity, and the temples of the old village deities, which are often humble mud structures, are razed to the ground. Some still retain their power as long as the local communities linger, but get abandoned in course of time. Besides, most people hailing from villages have settled in towns and cities, and for them their family deities in the villages is only a memory- that too for the older generation. The younger generations are strangers to this phenomenon of village and family deities (except where they are famous.)
    3.As for Ganga, the situation is really alarming. Not only is the Ganga highly polluted. It is facing the danger of disappearing in about 50 years as the glaciers which feed it are receding and getting reduced in bulk and extent. This is entirely due to global warming, and Indians cannot do much.
    Alas, this is how Kaliyuga seems to advance. Who can outwit Kala?

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