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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may not be related to the story. They are only representational.






Miracles Anecdotes

Caedmon was unlettered that he had to retire for shame from the Refectory at Whitley Abbey when the harp passing from hand to hand during dinner approached him with its implication that he must recite. On one of these occasions, as narrated by Bede, it happened to be Caedmon’s to keep guard at the stable during the night and overcome with vexation, he quitted the table and retired to his post of duty, where ,laying himself down, he fell into a sound slumber.


In the midst of his sleep, a stranger appeared to him, and, saluting him by his name, said,

“Caedmon , sing me something”.

Caedmon answered, “I know nothing to sing; for my incapacity in this respect was the cause of my leaving the hall to come hither”.

“Nay, said the stranger, but thou hast something to sing “

“What must I sing?” Said Caedmon

“Sing the Creation, was the reply and there upon Caedmon began to sing verses which he had never heard before”.

Caedmon then awoke, and he was not only able to repeat the lines which he had made in his sleep, but he continued them in a strain of admirable versification. In the morning he hastened to the town reeve, or bailiff of Whitley, who carried him before the Abbes Hilda ; and there in the presence of some of the learned men of the place he told his story and they were all of the opinion that he had received the gift of song from Heaven.




On February 10,1872 Mr Wallace Wright publicly challenged Mrs Mary Baker Eddy :-


1st. To restore the dead to life again as she claims she can

2nd. To walk upon the water without the aid of artificial means as she claims she can

3rd. To live 24 hours without air, or 24days without nourishment of any kind without its having any effect on her.

4th. To restore sight when the optic nerve has been destroyed

5th. To set and heal a broken bone without artificial means


Mr Wright ended the controversy by the exulted announcement on February 17 that his opponent and her science were preictally dead and buried .


Miracle of Eating!

A negro preacher addressed his flock with great earnest ness on the subject of miracles, as follows,

“My beloved, friends, de greatest ob all miracles was ‘bout the loaves and fishes. Dey was 5000 loaves and 2000 fishes, and de twelve apostles had to eat ‘em all. De miracle is dey didn’t burst .


Saved from Burning House!

John Wesley, the hymnist, was nominated a special person by divine fiat. When a baby, he was miraculously saved from his father’s burning office. Just after his escape, the roof fell in. This incident contributed so strongly to his later evangelism, giving him conviction that he had been saved by god for a special mission, that he adopted a device found on some of the contemporary prints, of him, namely, a house in flames, with this motto from the prophet,

“Is he not a brand plucked from the burning?”

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