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Date: 21 JULY 2018


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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.


Rajputs of Rajasthan are great heroes. An old anecdote from Tod’s Rajasthan is given below:

Mukanddas was the head of Kunpanwat Rathores of Marwar. He incurred the displeasure of the Mogul emperor Aurangzeb, by a reply which was disrespectful. The tiger asked his servants to throw him into tiger’s den. Aurangzeb wanted to see him torn into pieces by the tiger.


Mukanddas , without a sign of fear entered the arena where the tiger was pacing. It came towards him.  Mukanddas said,

‘Oh Tiger of the Mian, face the tiger of Jaswant (Rajput king)’. He just looked into the eyes of the tiger. His anger inflamed his eyes. The animal, startled by his fearful look, looked at him for a moment. Then it put down his head, turned round and ran away from him.


‘’You see, exclaimed Mukandas, that he dare not face me, and it is contrary to the  creed of a true Rajput to attack an enemy who dares not confront him”


Even the tyrant, who beheld the scene was surprised into admiration, presented him with gifts and asked if he had any children to inherit his prowess. His reply,

‘How can we get children when you keep us from our wives even after a battle?’


This shows Rajputs were great heroes and fear was unknown to them. After this incident Mukandas was called Naharkhna, ‘Tiger Lord”.




It was with the Sisodia Rajputs and the Shekarwats that Mohabat Khan performed the most daring exploit in Mogul history, making Jehangir prisoner in his own camp in the zenith of the power.


The celebrated heroic charges of of the rathore (Rajput clan) horse at the battles of Tonga and Patun in 191 CE against the disciplined armies of the French General De Boigne, carrying everything before them, show the unequalled dash and élan of the Rathor cavalry when inspired by patriotism.


About the part played by Rathors at the battle of Malpura in 1799 CE.

Col. Skinner himself says, “The acts of these Rathors, and the intrepidity they showed in the square, surpasses al that I can say in their praise”.






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