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Date: 24 September 2018


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Aaron Burr
When American politician Aaron Burr was seventy eight Mme Jumel attracted him. One day, as he was about to lead her into dinner, he said,
I give you my hand, madam; my heart has long been yours.
Much fluttered and no less flattered she uttered a sort of No which was not likely to discourage a man like Aaron Burr.
I shall come to you before very long, he said, accompanied by a clergyman; and then you will give me your hand because I want it.


It is said that Edwin C Hill , the journalist and radio commentator, encountered upon his first arrival in New York an experience that outdoes O Henry. Looking around the city he took the sight -seeing ride on the Elevated. His eye was attracted by the charming young lady seated across the car from him. In the vicinity of Columbus Circle he had ventured to move over and strike up a conversation with her. They found an astonishing congeniality between them and pursued the conversation intensely.
At last they reached City Hall; left the train, and, going over to the City Hall, got married.



H B Paul
Gossip Anecdotes

The late Maury H B Paul, better known as Cholly Knickerbocker, in the course of his career as a society columnist had frequently aroused the ire of those about whom he had written. Every so often some such individual confronted him in a public place and demanded,
Just what did you mean by what you wrote about me?
Mr Paul had found a standard answer to this demand.
He blandly retarded,
Just what do you think I meant, which invariably silenced further discussion.


Due to the exigencies of his position as purveyor of tasty news items on the doings of the upper crust, Maury Paul, widely known as Cholly Knickerbocker, had incurred many enemies. Towards these he felt no rancour.
He once said, even when people snub me I feel like saying to them,
‘Thank you for just existing. I wouldn’t be wearing solid gold garter clasps if it weren’t for you’.

Women Anecdotes

One day at Mr Kipling’s home in Sussex he read to Edward W Bok (American Editor and author) his latest poem, and at its conclusion he said,
You can never publish that. The journal ( The Ladies Home Journal) sisters would break all your windows with the stones they would fire at you. You wouldn’t have a whole panel left.
The poem was ‘The Female of the Species’.
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