Written by London Swaminathan
Date: 23 October 2018

Time uploaded in London – 18-14

(British Summer Time)

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London Newspapers have flashed a news item this morning which warns about micro plastics in our body.

There are nine types of micro plastics in the human body in western countries who eat fish and drink from bottles.

The plastics can be ingested by eating fish that has been exposed to wastes in the sea, while other risks include drinking beer or tap water and using cosmetics.

Sea fish is the main culprit. Also, city life is unhealthy.

In course of time, they may even recommend live in villages surrounded by trees and plants, Well water and vegetarian food. Most of the non -vegetarian foods come in plastic packings in western countries. That way eating vegetables are safe, that too eating vegetables grown organically is safer.

Vegetarians will feel better after reading the following news:

Toxic micro plastics are polluting people’s bodies according to a latest research by experts from Medical University in Vienna, Austria.

Volunteers from eight European countries took part in the study. All of them had potentially dangerous particles in their systems.

Dr Philip Schwabl, who led the research said, “This is the first study of its kind and confirms what we have long suspected—plastics ultimately reach the human gut. Smallest particles can even enter the blood stream., the lymphatic system and may even reach the liver. We need further research to find out how it would affect our health”.

How did they find it ?

The findings are based on analysis of the stools of eight volunteers from Austria, Britain, Finland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia.

They had kept food diaries which showed the had all eaten products from plastic packaging or drunk from plastic bottles.

Six of the had eaten fish.

Nine types of MICRO PLASTICS were found and there were on average 20 particles per 10 gram of stool.

Full details were presented at United European Gastro enterology week in Vienna yesterday.

Previous research showed it plastic can be ingested through food, drink, cosmetics and even by breathing air in the city.

Plastics contaminates every aspect of our life!


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