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Nitisataka 34,35,36

The lion, though young, attacks the mighty elephant The energy of the noble minded man proceeds from his natural disposition, not from his youth. It is the nature of the brave to aspire for the highest even when young. Indeed, age is no criterion for greatness.

सिंहः शिशुरपि निपतति
मदमलिनकपोलभित्तिषु गजेषु ।
प्रकृतिरियं सत्त्ववतां
न खलु वयस्तेजसो हेतुः ॥ 1.34 ॥

Age is no bar for attaining name and fame. This is proved by Hindu mythological characters such as Dhruva, Prahlada, Markandeya and Vedic boys like Nachiketas , Aruni and Satyakama Jabala . Great philosophers hers like Shankara attained fame when they were  young. Tamil saint Sambandar composed poems when he was 3 years old.

Age is No Bar -Authors who wrote before they were 30

Japanese Novelist Abe Kobo started to write at the age of 24. He won a prize when he was 26

Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe published his first novel when he was 28.

English fantasy writer Douglas Adams published when he was 27.

English essayist, poet and playwright Joseph Addison

American poet, novelist, screenwriter James Agee published his first book when he was 25.

Israeli novelist and Nobel laureate SY Agnon published his first book When he was 20.

Ghanian playwright, poet and novelist AMA ATA Aidoo published her famous play when she was 28

American poet, short story writer and b
Novelist Conrad Aiken became famous with his first collection of poems when He was 25


Wealth is more important than Virtues!

Two great poets emphasize the importance of wealth in their books.

I give below translation of the same couplets by two authors.

Wealth of kindliness is real wealth.
Material wealth is possessed by even the basest— Kural 241

The best of all possessions is the wealth of compassion
For the meanest of men too possess worldly wealth- Kural 241

As those without riches can have no enjoyments in this world so also are those without the grace of compassion denied the blessings of the world above— Kural 247

Even as happiness in the world depends wholly on material possessions
Happiness in the world beyond will surely depend upon compassion-Kural 247

Both Bhartruhari and Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar agree on the point that material possessions account was for happiness on this earth..

Both the poets say that even the basest of men possess wealth.

In another couplet Tiruvalluvar in his Tirukkural say

The demon of poverty, when he overtake s one, the joys of this life
As well as the next one are lost to him -1042 
Infernal poverty blasts the joys of the earth and of heaven- 1042 

Our noble birth may go to the lower regions; our virtues may perish; our moral character may fall as if from a lofty mountain; our family may be consumed by fire; a thunderbolt may strike our might as it were an enemy; let us keep our money, for without this all the collected virtues are but a heap of grass.

जातिर्यातु रसातलं गुणगणैस्तत्राप्यधो गम्यतां
शीलं शैलतटात्पतत्वभिजनः सन्दह्यतां वह्निना ।
शौर्ये वैरिणि वज्रम् आशु निपतत्वर्थो‌உस्तु नः केवलं
येनैकेन विना गुणस्तृणलवप्रायाः समस्ता इमे ॥ 1.35 ॥

If a man be wealthy, he is of good family he is wise, he is learned in scriptures, he is virtuous, eloquent, handsome. All the virtues attach themselves to gold.

यस्यास्ति वित्तं स नरः कुलीनः
स पण्डितः स श्रुतवान्गुणज्ञः ।
स एव वक्ता स च दर्शनीयः
सर्वे गुणाः काञ्चनम् आश्रयन्ति ॥ 1.36 ॥

The importance given to the rich people has not changed from the ancient times; we see the same state of affairs even today. Money power boosts one to higher positions and higher awards.

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