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Date: 25 JANUARY 2019
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(Birds too have feelings like human beings; brotherly affection is greater than other things. We can name the birds Rama and Lakshmana.)

Nature calls! Parrot back home after hearing brother’s squawks on mobile

AN ESCAPED baby parrot called Sausage Rowles was coaxed to safety by a mobile phone recording of her twin brother.

Michelle Chubb was devastated when Sausage flew out the door and went missing in the wild.

Her family launched a huge hunt but after two freezing nights there was still no sign of the bird.

As hopes faded, Michelle recorded the squawks of six-month-old Sausage’s twin Chico, who is owned by a family friend.

Then she took her phone to nearby woodland on Vire Island in Devon.

(Totnes is a market town and civil parish at the head of the estuary of the River Dart in Devon, England within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is about 21 miles south-southwest of Exeter and is the administrative centre of the South Hams District Council)

Sausage, an Amazon Maximillian, responded and she was spotted being guarded by a pigeon.

Michelle, 32, said: ‘She started shouting out and the pigeon flew over to show us where she was. I got her and wrapped her in my jacket and we legged it home.’

Describing her relief, Michelle said: ‘We don’t know how she lasted. She is one of the family. You cannot realise how happy we are to have found her. She comes into the bedroom for cups of tea and flies up to say good night to my daughters.’

Sausage, named in honour of Michelle’s partner, Adam Rowles, is back home in Totnes with the couple and their children, August, six, Lexi, 11 and Zach, 14.


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