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Date: 10 May 2019

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In Egypt as in Babylon we have the four quarters of the Earth, and in the hieroglyphic texts the number four is symbolic and complete. Thus we have the four sons of Horus, the four altars, the Four Birth places in Abydos, the four cardinal points, the four doves of heaven, the four winds, the four rudders, the 4 nets vases, the 4 vessels of blood, the four vessels of milk, the four glorious gods, the four spirits, the four lighted lamps etc.

In the Bible 4 rivers of paradise, the four days of lamentation, the four barrels of water, the beasts with four faces and four wings, the four men in the fire, the four beasts, the four kings the four horns, the four carpenters , the four anchors.

We have also the four elements- earth, air, fire and water, the four evangelists and the four temperaments of men according to Hippocrates.

A name of god YH, contains only two letters, but the Great and Most Holy Name YHWH contains four.

The Kabbalah adds many other examples of the use of the number Four.

In Hinduism

Four is a very important and a holy number for the Hindus.

Vedas are four— Rik, Yajur , Sama and Atharvana Vedas

Four are the Mutts established by Adi Shankara 

Four are the Manasa putras of Brahma

Four were the disciples of Vyasa.

For Tamil Hindus four and its multiples were important even 2000 years ago. They named many of their old books with 4,40, 400 and 4000.

I will explain them in detail.

Four is complete and intelligent

Chatur is four. One who has intelligence, cleverness is Chaaturya.

Now we will look them in detail—

Manifestations of Fire

Gambhiiraa, Yamalaa, Mahatii, Panchamii

Gambhira yamala caiva Mahati Panchami tathaa

Catvarognervikarah syurvishamo vatasambhavah

—Sarnga samhita 1-7-26



Nidraa-Svapna Sleep by dream

Strip-Kaama Woman by desire

Agni- Indhana Fire by fuel

Suraa-Paana Liquor by drink

Na svapnena jayenidram na kamena jayetsriyah

Na indhanena jayedagnim na panena suram jayet

–Vidura Niti 7-81



Fire by fuel -Agni by Kaastham

Ocean by Rivers-Mahodadhi by Aapagaa

God of Death by all creatures -Antakah by Sarvabhuuta 

Beautiful women by men-Vaamalocanaah by Pumaamsah

Nagnistrupyati kasthanam napaganam mahodadhih

Nantakah sarvabhutanam na pumsam vamalocana

-Hitopadesam 2-113

To be continued …………..

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