Swami’s Crossword 19719 (Post No.6652)

WRITTEN BY London Swaminathan


Date: 19 JULY 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 19-1

Post No. 6652

Pictures are taken from various sources including Facebook, google, Wikipedia. This is a non- commercial blog. 
((posted by swamiindology.blogspot.com AND tamilandvedas.com))

1. –(5 letters) Great Vedic Goddess.

4. (RIGHT TO LEFT)-(5) common, equal, same

5. – (5) body art; part; member

7. – (5) pole star, boy hero in Puranas

8. –(7) Rakshasi mother of Ghatotkacha by Bhima

9. I- (3)Beginning, original

10. – (4) musical instrument; lute in the hands of Hindu Goddesses

1. – (6 letters)- name of aa month; beginning of dakshinayana – Sun’s southward journey

2. – (6) vegetable oil used by Rishis and Munis

3. – (5) name of a tree and an emperor

6. – (4) aunty (colloquial)


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