O Lord! Hit Him Again Please!! Church Anecdotes!!(Post No.6674)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 24 JULY 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 16-

Post No. 6674

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The official board of the church had called a meeting in order to seek a means of raising funds for much needed repairs. The little was literally falling apart and the pastor, stirred by a very real emotion, having been connected with this parish for nearly twenty years, made a moving speech.

Great was his and other members’ surprise when the most miserly member of the board rose and offered to start the fund with a contribution of five  dollars . as he spoke a bit of plaster fell and hit him on the head. A trifle dazed, he rose again and said,

Reckon I would better make that fifty dollars.

From the back of the hall came a pleading voice,

Hit him again ,Lord!”


Expense Bill

The vicar of St John Church in Waterloo, England, , contrieved an original way of dispensing with annual church bazaars. To all te embers of his congegation, he sent the following bill:

Bus fare……. Admission,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wear and tear on clothes and tempers………… Tea……….. Useless articles,,,,,,,,,Total,,,,,,,,,,,,,please remit”.

The sums received were in excess of any previously raised.


Do you want 5 Dollar Sermon or One Dollar Sermon?

“Brdren”, said a darky miniter down South,

Bruden ,

I’se got a five dollar seron an two dollar semon an a one dollar sermn, an’ I want dis here indelicate audience to take up a collection s to which one  ob dem dey can afford to hear”.


In the church meeting the suggestion the suggestion had been made and well received that a drive be undertaken to raise money to buy a chandelier for the church. A crusty old elder, however, arose and said,

It’s a tomfoolery and extravagant frippery. It will not only cost to buy the durn thing and install it, but next we will have to hire somebody to play it.”

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