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 Date: 11 AUGUST 2019  

British Summer Time uploaded in London –  21-2

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Nehru Centre, Bombay has published a source book of astronomy. It is an encyclopaedia of Sanskrit works on astronomy. The beauty of the book is that original slokas or hymns are given in Devanagari lipi with English translation from Vedic days until 19th century. It covers only important quotations.

At the end of the book there is a valuable list of about 150 Hindu astronomers and the names of their 300 original works. Some are just quotes from other commentators. Some are details of whole books. It will be a ready reference for research scholars. I publish the informative list below.

This illustrates another important point. From 1140 BCE until a few hundred years ago Sanskrit was the only language that had continuous production of astronomy books. If you take another ancient language Tamil, we have no ancient astronomy book. We have only astronomical references and not whole books. This shows that Sanskrit was never a dead language and it was always used by scholars. About 30 years ago Kanchi Paramacharya Swamikal (1894-1994) composed a Sanskrit poem and it reverberated throughout the world from the United nations Hall through the most famous Carnatic singer MS Subbalakshmi. This list is another proof for the scientific use of Sanskrit language until modern days.



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