SWAMI’S CROSS WORD12819 (Post No.6767)

Written by  London Swaminathan


 Date: 12 AUGUST 2019  
British Summer Time uploaded in London –  20-15

Post No. 6767

 Pictures are taken from various sources.  ((posted by swamiindology.blogspot.com AND tamilandvedas.com))

Sanskrit words used here are used in most of the Indian languages.

1. – 7 letters- ancient city that was devoured by sea after Lord Krishna’s demise

5. – 5-half in Sanskrit; used in most of Indian languages

7. -4- destroyed; hurt; hopeless

8. – 5-kind, good ; always goes with speech

9. – 7- this river is life line of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh; another name Rewa

10. – 6-theist ;opposite of Nastika; also the name of a saint

1. – south in Sanskrit

2. – 6- ancient Malwa region of India; Ujjaini was its capital.

3. – southern state where Telugu is spoken; now split into two states

4. – ancient king who abandoned his kingdom for the sake of truth.

6. – 4- big; English word Mega is derived from this Sanskrit word.


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