Train went back for an Old Lady! (Post No.6916)


 Date: 22 AUGUST 2019  

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 18-59

Post No. 6916

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An old lady, on her way to a summer resort, kept pestering the train conductor to tell her when they would reach Ellenville.

Finally, harried by her constant questioning, he pleaded with her to bother him no more, that he would tell her as soon as they reached the town. Becoming busy with all his duties, the train reached and passed Ellenville with the conductor all about the old lady.  Suddenly recollecting her anxiety about the place, he backed up the train and as it pulled into the little station, he hurried out and told the woman, “Here you are now- in Ellenville. I will help you with your baggage.”

“Oh, thank you, “replied the old lady. “Never mind, I am not getting off here. My daughter just told me that when I got to Ellenville, it would be just about time to take another of my pills”


Secret cure!!

Many years ago an English sailor who had broken his leg was advised to send to the Royal Society on account of the remarkable manner in which he had healed the fracture. He did so. His story was that, having fractured the limb by falling down from the top of a mast, he had dressed it with nothing but tar and oakum, which had proved so wonderfully efficacious that in three days he was able to walk just as well as before the accident. This remarkable story naturally caused some excitement among the members of the society. No one had previously suspected tar and oakum of possessing such miraculous healing powers. Several letters accordingly passed between the Royal Society and the humble sailor, who continued to assert most solemnly that his broken leg had been treated with tar and oakum, and with these two applications only. The society might have remained puzzled for an indefinite period had not the man remarked in  a post script to his last letter:

“ I forgot to inform your honors, by the way, that the leg was a wooden one!”



Learn to pronounce


  1. loose fibre obtained by untwisting old rope, used especially in caulking wooden ships.


Cure for Gout?

“Pray Dr Abernethy, what is the cure for gout? Asked an indolent, luxurious citizen of the famous doctor.

“Live on six pence aa day, and earn it!” wass the pithy answer

Xxx subham xxx

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