Date: 25 SEPTEMBER 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 15-59

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Pictures are taken from various sources; beware of copyright rules; don’t use them without permission; this is a non- commercial, educational blog; posted in and simultaneously. Average hits per day for both the blogs 11,000.

Following anecdotes about gold are interesting. They are about Nobel Laureate Niels Bohr who hid his gold medal in acid fearing Nazi attack, Diocletian who burnt all ancient records about alchemy fearing his economy would be affected if base metals are changed into gold and Archimedes who found out the fake crown of King of Syracuse. The anecdotes are taken from Nature’s Building Blocks.

mad Roman King
Eureka! Archimedes

Pictures of stamps with gold or gold foil.

Nazi Fear
Tonnes of Gold in Oceans
Golden Stamps
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