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Date: 8  NOVEMBER 2019

Time  in London – 14-35

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Ancient Hindus used  many apparatuses in their chemical, medical and alchemical experiments and preparations. If anyone looks at the ancient medical books they will come across these yantras or devices.

Somadeva explains the following in his Sanskrit work –

Dola Yantram ,Svedani Yantram ,Patina Yantram ,

Adhaspartana Yantram ,Dheki Yantram ,Valuka Yantram ,Lavana Yantram ,Nalika Yantram ,Bhudhara Yantram ,Tiryakpatana Yantram ,Vidhyadhara Yantram ,Dhupa Yantram .

Please see the attachments for full description of the 12 devices.

source book
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