Card playing Anecdotes (Post No.7448)

Card playing Anecdotes (Post No.7448)

Compiled  by  London Swaminathan

Post No.7448

Date uploaded in London – 12 January 2020

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You can’t beat Texas ! a supercilious and wealthy new yorker asked the desk clerk in his hotel if there were not a card game which he could get into.

There is a poker game going on in room number 600, said the clerk, but you would better look out. They play for mighty high stakes.

The New Yorker sniffed at the implication and went to seek the game.  Entering the room he found a table surrounded by grim faced, flinty eyed Texans, methodically sorting and handling their cards. Stepping up brashly the new yorker drew out a hundred dollar bill from his pocket and threw it on the table, saying,

“I hear you boys play for big money. Well, give me chips for that”.

No one said a word. The dealer motioned him to a chair, looked him coldly in the eye and deliberately pushed across the table at him – one white chip.

((White chips normally are worth between $0.50 and $1, (at times grey, blue, and red chips may be worth this amount, as well)).


King and Knave

Horne Took, the sly wit, being asked by George III, whether he played at cards, replied,

“I cannot, Your Majesty, tell a king from a knave”.

(KNAVE- a dishonest, unscrupulous man; in card game- a Jack)


Quick Exit

A bridge expert was being harassed by many questions from the hopeful bridge player.

And do tell me, Mr Jacoby, how would you have played the hand, under the same circumstances.

Under an assumed name, Madam, said Jacoby tersely, and made a quick exit.


Three enemies

Dr Parr was a constant and conscientious whist player. Nothing annoyed him more than to have as his partner one who could not match his skill at the game. One evening he was coupled with just such a player. As the evening wore on, he became increasingly disgusted. When his hostess came to the table and asked how the game was going Dr Parr exploded,

“As well as could be expected, Madam , considering that I have three adversaries”.

(noun: whist

  1. a card game, usually for two pairs of players, in which points are scored according to the number of tricks won.)


The following is without doubt a is a nice description of a ‘friendly’ game of bridge:

The old quarrel between North and South has spread out to include East and West, and is now called contract bridge

Xxx subham xxx

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