Beat the ‘Dog’ Continuously- Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s Advice (Post No.7598)


A disciple once asked Sri Ramakrishna how he was to conquer lust; for though he was passing his days in religious contemplation, evil thoughts were arising in his mind from time to time.

To him the Master said,

“There was a man who had a pet dog. He used to caress it, carry it about in his arms, play with it and kiss it. A  wise man seeing this foolish behaviour of his, warned him not to lavish such affection on a dog. For it was after all, an irrational brute, and might bite him one day. The owner took the warning to his heart and putting away the dog from his arms, resolved never ever to caress it or fondle it.

But the animal at first could not understand the change in his master and would run to him frequently to be taken up and caressed. Beaten several times, the dog at last ceased to trouble his master anymore. Such indeed is your condition.

The dog that you have been cherishing so long in your bosom will not easily leave you, though you may wish to get rid of it. However, there is no harm in it. Do not caress the dog anymore, but give it a good beating whenever it approaches you to be fondled, and in course of time you will be altogether free from its importunities”.



There was a professional preacher who could rouse strong devotional feelings in the hearts of his listeners whenever he delivered religious discourses; but personally he was not a man of character. Pained at the kind of life he led, l asked him one day how it was that he moved so many hearts to devotion, while he himself lived such an unworthy life.

The man bowed and said,

“Yes, sir, ,the broom, though a contemptible thing, removes the dust and dirt on the floor and the street.”

Of course, I could not answer him.

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