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In James Bond films we see different plots, conspiracies and schemes to murder Bond or his enemies.

In real life, we read about how political leaders are assassinated in our own life time.. Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her own body guards.

Her son Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a Tamil terrorist woman from the LTTE near Chennai.

Peria puranam lists certain murders. One Muthanathan, dressed like a saint stabbed and killed the king

Kalidasa’s drama also hinted at the incident of assassination of Devabhuti, the last of the Sunga rulers. He was a weak and dissolute ruler. He was assassinated in his bed in the dark by a slave girl dressed as his queen. Kalidasa took him as a model for Agnivarna, the last of the rulers with whom Raghu’s dynasty came to an ignoble end. Agni varna also was a weak self indulgent and dissolute monarch. Devabhuti was assassinated in 73 BCE . Then his minister Vasudeva proclaimed himself as the emperor establishing the Kanva Dynasty.

Mauryan dynasty came to an end in 187 BCE. The last of the Mauryan emperor was assassinated in public by Pushyamitra Sunga, Commander in Chief, at a review of the Imperial armies. Pushya mitra established Sunga dynasty.

Another king was killed while watching a drama.

Bhanabhatta wrote the history of famous king Harsha 1400 years ago. He mentioned several incidents. Since we have secondary evidence about Yavana incidents others may also be true. We have to do more research on these incidents. Some are dramatized and few others are made fantasy stories. But that is what people believed in those days.


Skanda Gupta consoles HARSHA by relating historical instances of untimely death:–

Harsha Charita ucchvasa 6

Of disasters due to mistaken carelessness frequent reports come to your majesty’s hearing.

1.In Padmavati there was the fall of Nagasena, heir to the Naga house, whose policy was published by a Sarikaa bird.

2.In Sravasti, faded the glory of Srutavarman, whose secret a parrot heard.

(Parrot repeated the paramour’s name and husband was caught red handed is in Daily Mail , London, too)

3.In Mrittikavati, a disclosure of counsel in sleep was the death of Suvarnacuda.

4.The fate of a Yavana king was encompassed by the holder of his golden chowrie, who read the letters of a document reflected in his crest jewel.

5.By slashes of drawn swords Viduurathaa’s army minced the avaricious Mathura king Brhadratha while he was digging treasure at dead of night.

6.Vatsapati who was wont to take his pleasure in elephant forests was imprisoned by Mahasena’s soldiers issuing from the belly of a sham elephant.

(Greek Tojan horse story is very well known. This theme is in a few Sanskrit dramas. Hiding people in a big elephant or horses or camouflaged like trees are known)

7.Sumitra, son of Agnimitra, being fond of the dramas, was attacked by Mitradeva in the midst of actors, and with a scimitar shorn, like a lotus stalk, off his head.

(This happened before Kalidasa’s time)


8.Sarabha,the Asmaka king, being attached to string music, his enemies emissary, disguised as students of music, cut off his head with sharp knives hidden in the space between the Vinaa and its gourd.

9.A baseborn general Pushpamitra pounded his foolish Maurya master Brhadratha, having displayed his whole army on the pretext of manifesting his power.

(This happened in India. See below)

10.Kaakavarna, curious of marvels, was carried away; no one knows wither on an artificial aerial car made by a Yavana condemned to death.

(This is in Adi Shankara’s commentary as well)

11.The son of Sisunaga had a dagger thrust into his throat in the vicinity of his city.

(Lord Krishna cut off the head of Sisupala in the assembly)


The second Yavana incident apparently refers to the story of Kokkasa.

Adi Shankara also commented on the two Yavana incidents. One of them mentioned the name of Kaka varna .

And in Panchatantra also we see how famous people died.

Strange Facts about V.I.P Deaths | Tamil and Vedas › 2012/04/27 › strange-facts-about-v-i-p-deaths


27 Apr 2012 – Strange Facts about V.I.P Deaths … The Hindu Book of Fables “Panchatantra” has a similar verse on the death of great names of ancient India:.

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