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People have been wondering about mysterious sounds heard now and then from the days of Mahabharata i.e.3150 BCE.

I can even go back to the Rig Vedic days i.e. 4000 BCE to 6000 BCE dated by Bala Gangadhara Tilak and Herman Jacobi. The world’s first phonologist and acoustical engineer cum Rig Vedic poet Mr Long Darkness ( Dirgatamas) sings about four different sounds in Rig Veda hymn 1-164-45. Dirgatamas (in English Mr Long Darkness), the world’s first blind poet sings about four different sounds Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari. Of the four sunds, Vaikhari is the  only one is heard by humans. So Sound research was mastered by the Hindus before 4000 BCE.

Now to Bengaluru,

On My 20, 2020 Bangaloreans heard a mysterious sound . Lot of tweets messages and e mails were exchanged between people and later came the explanation from a defence expert that ‘it is PROBABLY a sonic boom’. Here is the news item. After reading it please read the NEW SCIENTIST magazine article on mysterious sounds heard around the world (attached herewith).

Bengaluru: The mystery of the strange loud ‘earthquake-like’ thunderous sound heard by thousands in Karnataka’s Bengaluru on Wednesday (May 20,2020) has finally been unravelled.

A clarification given by the Ministry of Defence said the ‘Bangalore sound’ heard earlier today probably related to Indian Air Force’s (IAF’s) routine testing of aircraft involving “supersonic profile”.   

It was a routine IAF test flight involving a “supersonic profile” which took off from Bengaluru Airport and flew in the allotted airspace well outside city limits, the Ministry of Defence spokesperson said in the clarification.

The aircraft belonged to the Aircraft Systems & Testing Establishment (ASTE), whose test pilots and flight test engineers routinely test out all aeroplanes, it added.

“The sonic boom was PROBABLY heard while the aircraft was decelerating from supersonic to subsonic speed between 36,000 and 40000 feet altitude,” the statement, as per ANI, said.  

“The aircraft was far away from the city limits when this occurred. The sound of a sonic boom can be heard and felt by an observer even when the aircraft is flying as far away as 65 to 80 kilometres away from the person,” it added. 

The explanation comes as a relief for fact-checkers, as bizarre rumours circulated on the internet around the involvement of “aliens” and “extra-terrestrials” as the ‘mystery’ went unsolved for many hours.   


Mahabharata and Sri Lanka

In the Mahabharata , when the bad omens were described which  foretold the impending war, roaring sounds from the sky is also listed. It is clearly told that the sounds were heard when there were no clouds.

Singing Fish of Sri Lanka in Kallady, under Lady Manning Bridge, Batticoala) is also known for long time .Mysterious sound comes from the sea.

According to tradition, between April and September a strange noise – described variously as resembling a plucked guitar or violin string, or the sound produced by rubbing a wet finger around the rim of a glass – can be heard from the depths of the lagoon. The “singing” is allegedly strongest on full moon nights, though no one knows exactly what causes it.

The most popular explanation is that it’s produced by some form of marine life – anything from catfish to mussels – while another theory states that it’s made by water flowing between boulders on the lagoon floor.

Singing Dunes and Whale Songs

We already know about whale songs in the oceans and singing dunes in deserts around the world. But yet the mysterious sounds heard from the sky from the days of Mahabharata are not explained satisfactorily. We know that there were no supersonic flights creating Sonic Booms during Mahabharata times.

The New Scientist article by Kate Ravillious on 18th February 2012 is very interesting. It is about booming sounds heard in Carolina beach in North Carolina

Such sounds are heard around the world and their names are

Seneca Guns – Seneca Lake, New York;

Bronttidi – Italian Apennines ;

Yan in Japan;

Mistpouffers (Fog Belches)  – Belgium

Machimodus , Connecticut – USA

North Carolina Beach – USA

Barisal Guns – Bangladesh

Seeschießen (sea/lake gunshots)- Netherlands

Kate’s article on ‘What is that Sound?’ finishes beautifully:-

“Whatever caused the boom that Jody Smith heard on that day in North Carolina, it appears our planet could be much more vocal than we thought. The cacophony of the modern world means that most of us tend to attribute loud noises to human activity. But the sound that you assume is the rumble of a distant truck may in fact be the Voice of the Earth itself.”

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