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All the ancient civilizations began on the banks of long rivers like Saraswati, Sindhu, Ganga, Nile, Tigris, Euphrates and Huang He (Called Yellow River and Sorrow of China). But the most wonderful thing is that only Hindus have been worshipping rivers as Goddess until today. Hindus are the one who gave them women’s name to show that they are like Mothers. Hindus are the only community who use the river water in temples and holy ceremonies until today. Oldest book in the world, the Rig Veda, has quotations on water. Hindus are the only people who worship seven holy rivers every morning in the ‘Pratas Smaran Hymn’. Millions of RSS members also recite ‘Pratas Smaran’ every morning.

Recently I posted the names of 139 holy rivers and 39 holy lakes in this blog. Links for important articles are given at the bottom.

Tamil Veda known as Tirukkural also echoed all that is said in Sanskrit scriptures. A beautiful couplet in Trukkural of Tiru Valluvar says,

If rains fail , festivals of the year and the daily worship of the gods will cease—Kural 18.

The author Tiru Valluvar placed the chapter RAIN next to Prayer which is the first chapter. In the ten couplets he shows his indebtedness to Veda and Gita (Bhagavad Gita) by using the Sanskrit words Dhaanam, Tavam, Puja and Amrit in this chapter.

In simple words he showed what is already said in Satapata Brahmana (1000 BCE) and Bhagavad Gita (3-14)

I want to show Greeks also expressed similar views on Water which shows the link between the scholars of both the cultures even before Alexanders march to India:-

“Thales , 624- 546 BCE , a Greek from Miletus, was a ‘phusikos’ – that is ‘a student of the nature’. Aristotle thought that Thales was the first person to think rationally about nature because he offered argument against those – like Hesiod- who simply told stories. Thales started the trend for asking

What makes the world as it is? and came up with the answer-‘Water ‘.

Life and all nature needed water to grow ; and water could not be generated – it was just there. Further water was able to take on solid, liquid and gaseous forms; it could explain how water changed to everything else. But Thales never tried to test his theory. That idea, so crucial to us, was another two millennia in the making.

As one of the Greeks Seven Sages, Thales was also responsible for the saying ‘Know Yourself’.

Very Greek was his reply to the question , How best one can hear adversity ? If one sees one’s enemies doing even worse. If you cannot be a winner , it is some compensation if your enemies aren’t either”

–eureka, peter jones, 2014


Now compare,

“All food is produced because of rain,

Which itself is food again”

 – Kural 12

Rain produces food ; rain becomes food is the meaning.

Lord Krishnasays,

“From food creatures come into being; from rain is the birth of food; from sacrifice rain comes into being and sacrifice is born of work.”—Bhagavad Gita 3-14

Dr Radhakrishnan compares it with

Manu 3-76 and RV 10-117-6

Manu says ,

“An offering cast properly into the fire /sacrifice approaches the sun; rain is created from the sun, from rain comes food, and from that progeny”.

Now we know these two scientific facts : seeding (Yaga smoke) helps raining; 2.Sun evaporates sea water and it becomes food and produces food.

Rig Veda 10-117-6 says one who eats without sharing is a guilty man.

Pandya King Ilam Peru Vazuthi also says in 2000 year old anthology Purananuru, that “Tamils wont eat even if they get Indra’s Amrit without sharing (Puram 182)”

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