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I wrote about evil eye in my previous four articles and about Eye Goddess Temples in Syria and Himachal Pradesh in my two articles. In addition to above mentioned six articles, I am looking at Egyptian amulet Uadjet or Udjet again. It is an amulet found in Egypt from ancient times. It is drawn in many places to protect one from evil eye.

Here is an interesting comparison:

Look at the talisman. You see Garuda and Naga. Immediately a Hindu is reminded of Eagle and Snake story in Hindu Mythology. Daksha had many daughters. Kashyapa married two of them – Kadru and Vinata. Both of them had some competition – naturally a jealous fight between co-wives/ sister— to find the colour of the Divine Horse Uchchisravas. Vinata lost in the contest and she became a slave to Kadru. Before this we knew that Vinata gave birth to only one son Garuda and Kadru gave birth to lot of Nagas/snakes. Then the story goes that Garuda stole a part of Amrita and gave it to Nagas and got her mother released from slavery.

These  two non-human Hindu figures are found in Egyptian talisman to protect one from evil eyes. Eagle and snakes are enemies in the natural world and so every culture noticed it and used the symbolism. So one may think that there is no wonder that Egyptians also used it. But it doesn’t stop there. Look at the name of the Eagle in the amulet. The name of the eagle / Garuda is ‘Nekhbet’ and the Snake is Uadjet. Naga vad or Nekhbet in Sanskrit means one who kills snakes. So we see a Sanskrit word there. Uadjet may be a corrupted Sanskrit word of Uraga jati, which means Snake Kind, Snake clan. The very English word Snake itself is a Sanskrit word S+Naga.

In Egypt both Nekhbet and Udjet are two goddesses like our Vinata and Kadru

Apart from this Sanskrit origin, the amulet wards off evil eye. In Hinduism, Garuda Mantra is described as an antidote to poison, black magic and  evil eye. That is another proof for its Hindu connection.

Egyptian Historians think that the Southern and Northern Kingdoms were fighting with one another  and the fifth king of the oldest dynasty united them and installed Eagle of South and Snake of the North in the Udjet symbol. It may be true. A symbol may denote many things. For instance, various reasons are given by the Hindus, Sikhs and Jains for the celebration of Deepavali/Diwali. Even North Indians and South Indians interpret it differently and attribute it to Rama and Krishna respectively. They may be right. During the 5000 year history of Hinduism it could have happened at different Diwali days. In the same way Egyptians also give different meanings and different interpretations but the interesting  thing is same unity is seen in Vishnu Avatar. He is lying on the bed of snake and he is flying on the back of Eagle/Garuda. All these are nothing but symbolism- Vishnu controlling two forces Positive and Negative. He brings two fighting forces together and maintain balance. All Egyptian kings had snake on their heads like Lord Siva .


Evil creatures or those with great magical powers were thought to have eyes whose gaze rendered others powerless or turned them to stone. Hindus have such stories in all parts of India.

In Greek mythology, Medusa was serpent haired and ugliest female monster. Anyone looking at its head was turned to a stone. Perseus cut it off, using a mirror for an accurate stroke and Athena placed it on her shield or her breast plate.

In Celtic legend, king Balor of the Fomoriers , whose evil gaze did its work on the battlefield  when four men raided his eyelid. The supposed effects of the evil eye led to the production of countless amulets.

In Vedas and Egyptian literature,  the sun is seen as an ‘all seeing eye’, or symbolised as eye. Horus, shown with hawk head or as a hawk in Egypt is a Sun god.  The characteristic stylization of his eye , the udjet eye, was considered a powerful amulet.


The beauty of Hinduism is that negative and positive forces originate from one source. Asuras and Suras, Snakes and Garudas were cousins. Only divisive , cunning, mischievous foreigners showed them as Aborigines and Invaders. Foreigners being invaders of Canada, Australia, Asia and America, they wanted to justify their criminal activities and divided the world with their fancy theories.

Talking about the Eye Symbol Udjet of Egypt, I may add more interesting details of  Eye worship in different parts of the world. I have already written about the Naina (Nayana/eye) Devi temple of Nainital in India and Eye Goddess temple in Syria.

Throughout India, we see eyes in the form of silver or brass or even clay offerings donated to goddesses. It is to thank the goddess for saving one from evil eye or eye diseases. This is what ancient Sumerians and Babylonians also did.

Stone or clay plaques in the shape of stylised eyes , 2-11 cm high, are found in huge quantities in the fourth millennium BCE sites in north Syria. The figures indicate only the shoulders, neck and eyes, occasionally painted. Individual eyes , pairs, mother and child groups are whole families are found. More than 300 of these idols and  thousands of fragments were discovered in the foundations of the so called Eye Temple at Tell Brak. It is estimated that the total deposited was 20,000. They may have been votive gifts associated with a specific god or amulets to protect against evil eye.

Tell Brak is in Syria and closer to the modern borders of Turkey and Iraq.

Source books –

Dictionary of the Ancient Near East

Egypt’s Making by Michael Rice

Dictionary of Symbolism by Hanns Biedermann


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